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  1. Classifieds
    Burkheimer 8139-4 Vintage with a spare tip. The road was made in in 2013 and is more of a heavier wt.7. For example 480 gr or 450 gr 34' Scandi floater + leader or 30-45 gr polyleader is perfect. Another option is Rio Scandi wt.7 body 370 gr + 90 gr wt. 7 tip. This rod has a similar taper to...
  2. General Forum
    Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is being hosted by Trout Unlimited, Daughter's of the American Revolution, and the WDFW. This will be an early trout opener for us before the general public has a chance at the fish. It will be held at Langlois Lake on Saturday April 21st 7am to 5pm. The...
  3. Classifieds
    I'm looking for an early Orvis CFO IV reel. One of the earlier versions that is click & pawl, medium dark gray, made in England. Screw back is a plus, but not a requirement. Will pay higher for a screw back. Open to various condition levels. Thanks, Ron
  4. Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels
    Got lucky and found a cool old Plueger GEM fly reel. It has a telephone latch which dates it to the first two years' production in the early 1930's. It was probably considered a blue collar back in its day, but the drag is smooth, the brass pieces shine and the knob is beautiful. Darn thing...
  5. Saltwater
    My father in law had to cancel our trip tomorrow as he is not feeling well. I plan on putting in @ PT. Defiance @ 5:30am I don't have a specific return time mapped out just yet. P.M. me if you can make it and we can see what we can work out. B :)
  6. Saltwater
    Shoot me a PM and we can set something up. MA 11 (ish) Bart
  7. Classifieds
    Up for grabs is an early Pre-IM6 R L Winston 7 1/2' 4 weight 2 piece with serial #6800 dating it to July 29, 1986. It has been fished very little if at all. Possibly just handled as the blank and reel seat are mint. The reel seat is bakelite to resemble walnut which was an option. Cork grip is...
  8. Classifieds
    Looking for earlier Scott fly rod catalogs from 70's and 80's. If you have any you want to sale please let me know with Pm. Thanks
  9. General Forum
    Micah turned two the end of last month. First fishing trip with his Dad and "Papi" this morning. Motor skills aren't super great yet but as far as he was concerned he landed 6 rainbows this morning. He thought those fish splashing around were hilarious. Family legacy continues...
  10. Classifieds
    I'm selling this for a friend. It's an early vise built by Norman Norlander. It comes with a case and is dated July 1984 serial #028. The owner states: "This vice was made for me in 1984 and has tied many flies. Now with my fishing days winding down I want to sell it so that it can be used as...
  11. Anadromous
    Will be passing by both the 2nd week in October and want to fish, historically where would be best? I know the Rogue should still have fish and would be easier for the wife in terms of wading. I'm not sure about the NU, according to fish counts at Winchester dam about 90% of the run has passed...
  12. General Forum
    I've got the first week in October off and am headed out Montucky way. Will be staying in Missoula and Bozeman and fishing some of the usual suspects around those areas; Rock Creek, Blackhead.... whatever suits our fancy. All of my fly boxes are rather picked-over looking; somehow it always...
  13. General Forum
    Just discovered, this over 100-year-old B & W photo documents what many have suspected for a while now: The Irish Invented Tenkara......
1-14 of 14 Results