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  1. Saltwater
    Just got home from an interesting session. Fished Hammersley outlet on the out going tide, and man was it going! Found where the current rolled into a nice eddy. Set-up so I could cast at a 45 down current and let it slide into the slack, eddyline. Thought I was on a big river, swinging flies to...
  2. Classifieds
    Checking to see if anyone has a Clack LP/Eddy boat cover they might want to move. I'm not really interested in dropping $600 bills on one from Clack- although they look sweet. Thanks!
  3. Watercraft
    I had a Clackacraft 16' low profile drift boat a few years back, and really liked how it handled. Then I sold it and bought a Hyde, which had a lot more interior features than the Clackacraft, but it was very hard to row, compared to the Clackacraft. Now, I've sold the Hyde, and planning to...
  4. Classifieds
    After owning a pair of AIRE Super Puma's for the last 15 years my small group of fly fishing friends have sold the rafts and are looking for a drift boat. Looking for a lightly used ClackaCraft 16' LP or Eddy. If you have a drift boat in the garage that is not being used and want to make a few...
  5. Days End

    Sunset on the Snohomish River 9-11-07
1-5 of 5 Results