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  1. Gear/Technique
    Is anyone currently out on the Wenatchee River swinging for salmon? I haven't had any luck yet. Wondering what flies I should be using and if anyone would want to go out with me? I’m also thinking I may try the Entiat as I’ve been seeing a bunch of gear fishermen posting their catches the past...
  2. General Forum
    Does anyone know of a way to drive from Lake Wenatchee to the upper portion (i.e. open portion) of the Entiat River without having to go all the way to HWY 97? I know there are a series of logging roads between those two areas, but I do not know if they actually make it all way from one to the...
  3. Entiat River

    Logjam packed full of brookies on the entiat river
  4. entiat river

    One of the larger brookies i caught out of a logjam on the entiat.
1-5 of 5 Results