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    Hello! I’m looking for a slightly used good conditioned Sage ESN rod. Looking for a 10’ 3wt. Let me know if if you or someone you know are looking to sell. Cheers!
  2. General Forum
    Just getting into the European thing. Found a great generation one ESN. Would love a recommendation for a reel weight And what to line it with. In my limited experience, I rarely have any fly line coming off of the reel. Thanks
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    I am looking for a Sage ESN nymphing rod in 4wt. Thanks, Jerry
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    Looking for a 10ft 4 0r 5 wt ESN. Please email [email protected] Thanks!
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    Looking to TRADE for comparable rods of equal or similar value. Ideally looking for a 7wt but may consider others.
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    This Sage Esn 10 foot 3 weight is in excellent condition. Only used twice. This is the 2017 model generation II with down locking reel seat. Comes with factory tube and sock These rod are unbelievable light weight. $525 shipped lower 48. Pay Pal ok. These are very hard rods to find used. Retail...
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    Anyone have a reasonably priced Sage ESN 3wt either a 3100-4 or 3110-4 that they would like to sell? Cheers Drew
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    Scott Radian 10ft 4wt: This rod has been used for about a year. It is in great condition and is an excellent nymphing rod. There is a small knick in the bottom of the cork that I will highlight in a picture. (Asking SOLD) MSRP $795 Scott Radian 9ft 7wt: This rod has only been used a handful of...
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    Looking for a used Sage esn 3wt. Please PM me if you would like to sell. Thank you for your consideration. Drew
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    ROD IS SOLD. I bought an 10' ESN 4 piece 3 wt in 2015, and have only fished it 3 times because I found that I prefer my 11' rod. The 10' rod is in excellent shape and needs a new home where it will get more love and attention that I am giving it. Asking $400 shipped in conus. Tom...
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    >>>>>>>>SOLD PENDING FUNDS<<<<<<< Brand new Sage ESN Fly Rod - 2100-4 (4pc, 2wt, 10'0") Comes in the factory sock and tube. I bought a bunch of fly rods this past fall, and now I could use some cash for other gear. $450
  12. General Forum
    Looking into a strictly trout nymphing setup and would like to hear feed back on anyone who owns or has owned this rod. Is it worth going specialized, reviews also say its a pretty good dry fly rods as well. Thanks in advance
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    Bump to the top. Looking to trade my Sage ESN 10 foot rods for an 11 foot. My rod is essentially new. Fished less than 5 times. Just can tell I already want a longer rods for the waters I fish.
  14. General Forum
    I'm looking at getting an ESN. I can't decide between 2,3, or 4wt. Is there a "sweet spot" with this series? Which length? Which weight? I'm leaning toward an 11 footer, but I'd be interested to hear some of your thoughts. Thanks
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    Looking for 10ft 3wt czech nymphing rod. Thanks
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    Great rod. Like new only used one or two times. Warranty card still with rod Asking $400 delivered CONUS
1-16 of 16 Results