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  1. Anadromous
    More good news for PS: http://knkx.org/post/no-hydropower-sunset-falls-controversial-skykomish-river-project-canceled
  2. Lakes
    I guess I have hot spotted the lake I'm asking about. No offense intended. Now that opening day madness has passed, I'm considering my options and where I might wet a line. If anyone would like to share a fishing report, I would appreciate it. Pretty sure others would as well...... and...
  3. General Forum
    Does anyone know what kind of fish are in around the falls itself. It looks like some kind of sucker fish or perch i dont know might be able to get a picture of we were catching was caught. I know theres trout but had to go further down before i started catching any. all i caught by the state...
  4. Lakes
    Will be in Eastern Washington tomorrow, and trying to decide which lake to fish. Any recent reports, recommendations?
  5. Lakes
    I suppose asking for a report on the lake is hot spotting? Requesting a hot spot! Anyone willing to share their success story with the forum? My wife and I drove up to Dry Falls interpretive center and counted 17 rigs in the parking area. On a Tuesday (oh, right, spring break)? I didn't...
  6. Classifieds
    This is a fat chance on my part but I would be willing to pay for the delivery of a drift boat.
  7. Lakes
    If you've never been to Dry Falls Lake, the scenery at the lake is spectacular, but the scenery along the drive into the lake is pretty nice too. Right where you turn off the pavement to go on the dirt road is Umatilla Rock, which always reminds me of one of the old Chevrolet TV commercials...
  8. Lost, Found, Stolen
    On Saturday, June 24th I left two flyrods and reels leaning up against a bush. When I realized they were missing and drove back a few hours later they were gone and were not at the ranger's office either. Unhappy with myself for being so absent-minded (just retired - that's my excuse), but...
  9. General Forum
    Hello to all, Could someone please let me know how Dry Falls and Lake Lenice fish in early September to Mid October. What hatches or flies would I need to tie or buy? Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. General Forum
    Couldn't find any info on wdfw website.... do you know if they still transport fish over the falls?
  11. Lakes
    Yikes! Haven't fished dry falls in more than 15yrs. Got a few bites trolling various bugger/leech patterns on a sink tip and no action on chromonids. Got there about 6am. Was in water by 7am. Got way out on lake and realized I had forgot to hang my discover pass. Back in. Back out for a bit and...

1-18 of 18 Results