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    This is a 5-line-weight (i think), 8-foot-long Fenwick Woodstream that I began as a project several decades ago and never finished. I completed the reel seat and the threading up to the first line guide. The blank is in great shape - just needs the remaining guides and tip threaded on. At the...
  2. Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels
    I have a Fenwick ff9310 rod that I picked up a few years ago in a garage sale and I don't believe it's ever had a line put through it. I have decided I'm going to pull it out of mothballs and put a 10 weight reel on it but I have read in a couple of places that it likes 11 weight line better...
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    Lamiglas G1000 8'6" 6wt 2pc and Lamiglas G1000 7'6" 5wt 2pc fly rods in good or better condition - no socks or tubes - nice old rods - selling these as a pair only - they would make a nice pair to leave at the cabin, on the boat, or for the kids or grandkids - $50.00 shipped in 48 states for the...
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    Never used only took out for pictures $155 shipped
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    I am looking to buy older (1970's) Fenwick steelhead casting rods and/or Totem Trader steelhead casting or fly rods. I am willing to pay above price for condition rods. Please PM me if you have any. Thank you and best to you. Jim
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    Nice old glass stick with vintage Abu 5001. Good shape for a vintage rod. 150.00 f2f
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    I have a Fenwick ff857 8.5' (259cm) in my possession. I can not find a serial number, so I cannot vow to its authenticity. It is a very beautiful pole regardless. It looks to be in impeccable condition. Also, I can practically guarantee it was never used, at least not by my grandfather. I found...
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    Patagonia Double Haul Chest/Sling Pack ($45) – older model of modular sling pack that can be converted into a stand alone chest pack, waist bag, or sling by removing pieces. Missing neck strap for the stand alone chest pack. Some wear, but still in good shape with everything functioning like...
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    Fenwick FF756 7'6" 3 oz fly rod for sale. 2 piece excellent condition. sold email [email protected] for info. Thank you,
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    Probably the last Fenwick I'm selling in my effort to consolidate. I have two of these, and this one is unused by me, and maybe anyone else. Beautiful rod for large fish, and the surf. You can really fling it with these rods. Comes with sock and case as shown in the photos. The 1498 in the...
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    This FF857 is like a brand new rod. Comes in its case. $135 shipped.... These pics show how nice it really is. I have two of these, and this nicer one is for sale. These are great 7 wts that can handle a line weight up or down.
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    Clearing out another rod I have a duplicate of. Need the space. Fenwick FF755. In superb condition. No issues. Beautiful rod. I'm keeping one and selling this nicer one. 7 1/2 foot. 5 wt. 2 1/2 oz. $125 shipped. Reel not included.
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    For sale 1.) Billy Pate Trout - Serial number is A40. I emailed Tibor and they said the reel was produced about 35 years ago. Reel is in excellent/mint condition and has not been mounted on a rod. Anti reverse. Right hand wind. These reels are no longer made and almost impossible to find one of...
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    Looking for the following Zero Reel 2/3 and or 4/5.....prefer Black. Zero Spool 4/5 Black Hydrogen Rod 5wt 9' Classic Trout Rod 5wt 9' Butter Stick 7'6" 3wt Aetos 5wt 9' Konic 1.5 Reel SA Wavelength MPX 5wt Thanks in advance
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    Looking for a Fenwick FS89C .......In good shape. Let me know.
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    Nice and Original. Good Rod for Large Game. $80.00 I reside in Tacoma.
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    Fenwick HMG Time Capsule. Serial # N388956. Specs: 7' 4 Piece Line #6 4oz. $250.00 I reside in North Tacoma. I will ship using USPS Money Order. No Exceptions.
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    Hello. Looking for Fenwick World Class graphite rods in the 9 foot 2, 3, and 4 weight configurations manufactured between 1985 to 1991. Also interested in any rods built by the late Paul Brown. Top dollar paid.
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    Well we lost the tip section to one of our lake trolling fly rods... anyone have a spare laying around? Old school brown glass blank. Thanks Ryan
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    The title pretty much says it all. Fenwick FF85 for 7 weight fiberglass rod. This was built up from a blank. Little use and excellent condition. $75.
1-20 of 28 Results