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  1. Saltwater
    saw this online with no caption, can anyone identify this beautiful species? @Mems?
  2. Saltwater
    Went up to Vancouver to the Anthropology museum at UBC and in among the collection of masks there was this guy.... I'm thinking....Not Salmon...... the mask was about 4 foot long....Steve? Ira?
  3. Saltwater
    Found this in an albacore today. None of us were sure what it was Thoughts?
  4. General Forum
    As temperatures continue to hover around freezing and my local river cranking well above a fishable level, I have nothing left but to pretend to tie flies and look back on warmer times. I found this photo of one of my first fish caught on a dry fly. This guy, and many others, are the only things...
  5. Saltwater
    Hey everyone, I have recently strayed towards salty waters looking for some respite from steelhead fishing. My goal was to chase down some Sea Run Cutthroat. I spent today fishing the rising tide on a beach in the Gig Harbor area, trying to learn the ropes of the new environment. I had two...
  6. Saltwater
    Any opinions on the ID of this jumper? Thanks Photo by R. Friedman
  7. Saltwater
    Caught out of Westport trolling for Salmon. Hoping some of you experts will settle this debate. I'm saying Mackerel. Others are saying young black cod. Love to hear any thoughts
  8. General Forum
    Saw this on the FB. WTF are these things!? At first I thought Asian carp, then saw the frickin teeth on em. Some kind of Oscar or piranha? Or is the dude wading in a Chernobyl waste pond?
1-8 of 8 Results