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  1. General Forum
    Here is a painting that I recently finished. I have been enjoying catching these lately and have come to really appreciate the species. At a glance, they may look like a dull-colored greyish trout, but through observation and catching many excellent specimens, I have found that they vary a lot...
  2. General Forum
    Published my new site today: www.riverforged.com Pretty excited to get all of my flyfishing related artwork into one spot! A few of you have probably seen most of this stuff already through the arts/literature section (and thank you for the inspiring comments and compliments!)...I figured the...
  3. Arts and Literature
    Finally had enough luck to collect reference material for this awesome fish! It was one of the more challenging ones that I've painted so far, primarily due to the differences in proportions to a typical "trout shape" that I'm so use to. It also has very cool round scales that are highly...
1-3 of 3 Results