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  1. General Forum
    the thread about the max catch or whatever reels really kinda got me to thinking about the evolution of fly fishing gear, costs of gear, costs of where it is or is not made etc..... We seem to live in strange times. Personally i am a fly shop guy. I love walking in, i love trading fish...
  2. General Forum
    Anyone found fishing product businesses that accept crypto-currency (i.e. Bitcoin)? A friend of mine has been investing in this form of currency for a few years now and has been suggesting I do the same. But if you can't use it to buy fly-fishing stuff, what's the use? It seems to be gaining...
  3. General Forum
    As it relates to all of my fishing gear. So I was talking to the wife about our retirement yesterday and started thinking about what would happen if I catch the fish of a lifetime and then bite the big one? (My preferred exit strategy). I could just have her donate it all to some charity. But...
1-3 of 3 Results