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  1. General Forum
    How's that float at higher flows? I've done it in the winter time when it was really low. Just wondering if it's more difficult at higher flows
  2. General Forum
    So I've been eager to get back to the Cedar River since last summer. I've been monitoring the discharge rates over the last few weeks. It is rather high right now. +1100 CuFt/S for the past few weeks. I was curious to see if this is normal for this time of year or if it's running a bit...
  3. General Forum
    In general ... is there a way to look at flow levels and determine whether visibility/fishing will be poor? assuming a drift boat and it's floatable. an absolute level you look for? whether rising vs. falling? or just call Red's ...
  4. General Forum
    For those planning to fish the Missouri before the run-off, as we are this week, here's some interesting information about the expected water flows, as well as some e-shocking count results, for the 2017 season. Hoping the cooler than normal temps and overcast/rain brings the BWO's out in big...
  5. General Forum
    I have an Android OS and seems like Apple has some better apps for the iPhone. Interested in what everybody uses. Let us know if free or pay-to-play. Does it predict flows or only give USGS site readings? Other features you use? Other fishing related apps that we should check out? I'm sure...
1-5 of 5 Results