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    Yep, you read it right. Two Force fins of different sizes. I'm thinking someone, probably a former Boy Scout, would like to pick up an extra Force Fin as a backup. Nothing worse than arriving at the lake, finning out into the deep, and have a fin come off. Ironically, this indeed happen to...
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    Yup, just one Force Fin, black, very good condition. Buy this as a backup in the event one of yours gets lost or accidentally comes off on a trip (like I had years ago, on Nunnally). Kind of messes up the entire trip and time to go home when a fin gets lost. Save your trip, keep yourself from...
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    I'm looking for a pair of used "Float Tube Force Fins" or the "Omega Navigator Flip fin" would be great as well (the style that fits over wading boots). I originally was looking for the Outcast Power Kick, but, based on great feedback from this group have decided to go for the Force Fins or...
1-3 of 3 Results