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  1. Watercraft
    I bought several floor mats which I cut to shape to lay on the deck in an effort to prevent it from getting scratched up from cleats. The problem I am having is with the mat in the the bow beneath the casting brace. The deck slopes upward slightly and the mat scoots down and gets bunched up...
  2. Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels
    Found this video on my local forum today in the RIP thread for Roberto Pragliola, some may have seen it? Some not? I found it a highly interesting short film! Cheers Adam
  3. General Forum
    I've been in Baja since Saturday fishing the beaches everyday. Lots of small roosters but no grandes. Then today while I was trying to run down the man, I ran into Mr. Dorado instead. What a hoot. How's the weather back home?
  4. General Forum
    Hey guys. I hope to be doing a road trip from Montana to the area around Riffle lake in May. This is more of a hang gliding than a fishing trip, but would love to fish some if the flying weather is not good. I will be camping and or staying near Morton or Glenoma. I see there is some flowing...
  5. General Forum
    They promised some cold temperatures this week because some cold air is coming from Siberia, was only 1 degrees colder then last Wednesday, but our coldest day this winter & should be colder tomorrow! Seen much colder & used to have a picture reading - 32 Celsius & years ago rode my mountain...
  6. General Forum
    I've had a Monic floating line for bonefish for years so I went to their booth to see what was new. I use a lot of floating running lines and they had a new twist on it that caught my attention. When ever I hang up with a 10-12 lb Maxima ultra green tippet, I sweat bullets over whether the...
  7. Lakes
    I keep my Cumberland float tube in my pickup's camper shell and it now has some mold (black spots) on it that I would like to clean off. I tried dishwashing soap but it did not work. I figured you folks would know what works best and is the least harmful to the float tube. I know I should have...
  8. General Forum
    I have been watching the long range forecast in hopes of maybe getting out for the March 1st opener. It doesn't look good here on the tundra. The fifteen day shows every night until Feb 28 being below freezing with a low of 8 and a high of 26. Not much is going to thaw at those temps. And if the...
  9. General Forum
    Just rolled into town on Saturday, got out on my favorite beach yesterday and landed a few of what I believe to be rezzie cohos (correct me if I’m wrong) and a few nice cuttys. Tossing my sink tip line I use for reservoir’s on a 10’ 7wt. Swinging clousers and deceivers. Was wondering if point no...
  10. General Forum
    From Change.org petition "FEB 2, 2018 - The Commissioners just voted unanimously against the PEOPLE in voting down our request to convert the NOF policy to a rule. Ron Warren recommended a NO vote, and every Commissioners voted NO! It was apparent that the department staff (based on a briefing...
  11. Saltwater
    Thoughts on shooting head for beach fishing: I stuck a 200g Commando head on my beach rod today and fished the usual spots! Hooked 5 or 6 fish (despite the wind) and landed 3, but I was really experimenting with casting, fishing and landing a fish with the shooting head system. Previous to...
  12. Lakes
    Since we both had the holiday off, old guy joke, @Buzzy and I decided to go find some open water. The fishing was less than stellar but heck it's mid January and was 22 degrees when I left Spokane. We both had a number of decent fish to the net along with a half dozen or so "oh shits".
  13. Warm Water Species
    hello some fish from a trip to the Camaiú river, 1 1/2 hour flight from Manaus. These are river fish, damn strong!! Several times, the small 4 lbs fish caught the fly, and HUGE fish appeared under it, 15 lbs + just taking a look "what is going on here"... the small ones many times played too...
  14. General Forum
    I saw this on Amazon - its a bar shaped like soap, but made from steel. Supposedly it removes scent from hands. Kinda got me wondering if any uses something like this for fishing when tying flies on or at the bench tying flies. Rub-a-way bar
  15. Classifieds
    This is another nice old Wonderod that needs a home. This is the better of the two I own, so if you are looking for a really nice 8wt wonderod from the early 70's, this is it. It has the "Action Taper" that I particularly like in these rods. My other one has landed many fish over the years...
  16. General Forum
    Abstract Hyper Distance Theory Fly Casting Perfect for Puget Sound Beach fishing, except the only way I can reach 200 feet is have one of my kids take the fly in hand, jump in the kayak and row out 200 feet and drop the fly in the water.
  17. Gear/Technique
    When using a 10ft poly-leader should I use a tapered leader, 7.5ft-9ft, in length? Or should I use a piece of straight mono about 3ft or so?
  18. Classifieds
    15' 1" GLX Stinger 700-plus grain 4-piece, new with tag. $435 Paypal f&f. Compare at $975 MSRP.
  19. Lakes
    In another thread I talked about seeing a fisherman using a OPST commando head. He was standing in his boat and casting a very impressive distance, using a 9' single hand rod. I've watched videos of Skagit casting but until yesterday had little interest. But now I want to try it. After some...
1-20 of 75 Results