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    I would like to get a very cheap (preferably under $20) full sink line for lake fishing with streamers. Wondering about different lines. My guess is I want something between a type 3 and a type 6, but I really have very little idea at all. Any input, as well as cheap lines for sale, would be...
  2. Lakes
    Anyone got any recommendations on full sinking fly lines for lakes? My SA’s are getting cracks from stretching, and trying to get the “coil spring” out of them. Time for some new lines...
  3. Classifieds
    This is a back-up 6wt glass rod for me, so I'm reluctantly offering it up for sale. Very, very light use. If you haven't read the reviews on this rod in particular, they are universally glowing. A perfect glass rod for someone wanting to try glass, but is worried it will be too slow. This is...
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    Redington chromer 12'6" 8wt with a fully integrated Skagit line that perfectly matches the rod and a redington brakewater reel. This package is the real deal. Ready to fish setup Rod, reel, fully integrated Skagit line, rod tube Great spey setup with an excellent reel for salmon, steelhead...
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    Selling my sons Camo Rogue hoody, used by in very good condition. I think these jackets run big, I would say this actually would fit as a Medium but that is just my opinion. $55 shipped to you
  6. Saltwater
    Yesterday I had a double digit day ebb fishing for SRC that were schooling up. I was anchored and standing in the Kayak and was able to refine some techniques. Specifically the set. In this circumstance you could often see 2-3 cutts chasing the fly, one might hit it, and in general the hit...
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    Yep, I know...this is a fly board and I might get better action on a climbers site. Some climbers here and the audience is authentic, so here it is. I am not going to go into details, PM me if you are interested in details, but the images are pretty clear and this stuff has been taken well care...
  8. Lakes
    In a separate post - I read that Brian Chen uses a "full sinking line deep water chironomid" technique which others on this board also uses. I am very curious to learn more about this method. I am a Stillwater guy who owns Intermediate/Type III/Type V full sinking lines and I don't like to...
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    thanks for looking have one remaining from the fundraiser out of 5 ,, bought one myself ... this is new , full flex 3wt 7.5 ft 289.95 9.95 shipping there is also a new battenkill click siz2 2 reel for 79.95 hopefully someone can use it thx jim
  10. Saltwater
    Like myself, many are in search for the perfect beach line. I gave a new one a shot today and thought I'd share what I found after fishing it today. I fished the SA Sonar Titan Full Intermediate today. I used a 7wt, 240g on my 6 wt. This line has a braided core and a non clear head. I really...
  11. Classifieds
    7'6" Orvis Fullflex rod, built on the yellow Phillipson blanks with the glass butt-over-tip ferrule. This is either a kit rod or the owner had it re-wrapped in red. I suspect it's a re-wrap because the lettering on the marred tube (barely legible) indicates a 7'6" Full flex. There are two...
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    **SOLD** We are moving away, and it's time for someone else to get to enjoy this amazing 'Cadillac' of a raft! I'm including everything you need to drive away and go straight to the river or lake to fish- all the safety and convenience extras that cost you hundreds of dollars. I added every...
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    Type 3, 6 wt. Should be density compensated and either new or in good condition. Rio Deep 3 would be a first choice, others considered, thank you.
  14. Classifieds
    Got it with 530 and 530 matched perfectly. Did not need to test it . So 600G can go - or I would have to buy new rod for it :-) Perfectly factory NEW. $45 + $4 trackable shipping will do. PM me if interested. PPal OK. Thank you for checking.
  15. Classifieds
    I have 2 Wulff TT Ambush fill lines for sale. Both were loaded on reels and cast for about 30 minutes. TT8 - 290 gr. head TT9 - 350 gr. head Great lines for single-hand, switch, and light spey rods. $50 each and I cover shipping in the lower 48.
  16. Classifieds
    Looking for a good condition, Rio In-Touch WF6S7 full sink line. Thanks!
  17. General Forum
    OK, I'm cheap and hate paying retail. I'm always on the hunt for a bargain on most everything I purchase... particularly fishing gear. Of course, there are times when retail price rules the day, but as much as I can, I try and shop ahead for the expendables like fly line, tippet, tying...
1-17 of 17 Results