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    Like new with pouch, FWX 7/8 spare spool, silver, $140 shipped in US, paypal OK
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    The Winston has 6 trips out on it, and the Nautilus reel is practically new. I have the 9'6" 5wt in the same series, and find I do not use this rod as much as it should be used. It is a great nymphing rod, but it can also cast as well. I had an 3wt Echo Shadow and a Sage One 10' 4wt, and after...
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    What have you got ? Reel and spools are as new . Reel is black one extra spool is black the other is silver . an extra spool would be nice as well. Nautilus , Hatch , etc.
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    Looking to buy a used nautilus fwx 7/8 in good condition. Please Pm we if you have one for sale. Adam
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    I am hoping to find a FWX in 5/6 or at least some spools. Thanks in advance!
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    I'm looking for a spool for a reel I have. I would prefer black, but I'm not too fussy. I would consider a complete reel as well.
  7. General Forum
    I have a Nautilus FWX with two spare spools. It's about a year old, I bought it when the "X" was introduced, and it hasn't seem much use - and only in freshwater. I was changing from the spool with floating line to the spool with an intermediate line and the spool was loose on the frame. Put...
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    Looking for one. Hit me up if your interested in selling. Thanks
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    Nautilus FWX 5/6 w/ Rio Perception 5wt line. Both are brand new and have never been used. Seattle area meet up is preferred. $225 for reel only and $250 for the package.
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    looking for any of these reels, know it may be a long shot but will take any condition reel
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    Bought this a while ago put backing and line on it but I don't think it's ever even been fished. If it has been finished I don't remember and it sure doesn't look like it. Real looks brand new to me. Does not come with line, will come with 100 yards 20# backing. All original paperwork and...
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    I have a Nautilus FWX 7/8 (Silver) in excellent condition. Currently set up for left hand retrieve. $225 Nautilus CCF X2 6/8 (Silver) - about a year old. Great shape. $325. Please email or text for pictures. I have the box and all paperwork for the CCF X2. Ill have to check and see if I have...
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    black or silver thank you
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    Looking for a FWX 7/8 for sale, lightly used or still in box.
1-14 of 14 Results