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  1. General Forum
    Heading to AK for a week starting tomorrow where we will be splitting time between Kings, pinks and Grayling. Curious if a Sage 379-3 LL is a suitable tool for Grayling? Not looking to fight them to death....
  2. Photography / Video
    From a stillwater trip in MT.
  3. General Forum
    Are an amazingly beautiful fish. I found my first one this weekend in a very cold and clear stream. I had no idea their pelvic fin was black and orange. That is all!
  4. Arts and Literature
    Finally had enough luck to collect reference material for this awesome fish! It was one of the more challenging ones that I've painted so far, primarily due to the differences in proportions to a typical "trout shape" that I'm so use to. It also has very cool round scales that are highly...
  5. General Forum
    Hey all, Looking for a simple setup for fishing Arctic Grayling (for my upcoming Alaska cruise) that's cheap and that I could use for trout and other smaller fish later down the road. I was checking out Cabelas and am considering getting these three in the 5wt category (not sure if I should go...
  6. lower 48 grayling

    Hutch with a small grayling taken on a royal wulf. This was on a tiny tiny Big Hole trib.
  7. Arizona_grayling

    Arizona Grayling (White Mountains)
  8. Grayling

    Nice little grayling from a mid-elevation Montana lake.
  9. Rainbow and BIG grayling

    Double of a different type!
  10. Grayling

    Male Grayling from high mountain stream.
  11. Small Water Grayling

    Small mountain stream grayling fishing. Nearly a fish a cast!
1-13 of 13 Results