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    Great rod for high-sticking yet versatile enough to throw the occasional dry or streamer. Good condition with brand new mid-section(guide came loose and was replaced under warranty). $200 firm. PM for photos. Thanks for looking.
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    I've got two NEW spare spools for the 500 and one and one used fir the 700. I'm on Vancouver Island but they're light so shipping shouldn't be too bad. I'd like $12 US each for the GX500 and $18 US for the used and $20 US for the new spool for the GX700. If interested PM me your zip code or...
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    Looking to find one if you have one to sell or trade.
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    Must meet in Tacoma area. $100
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    I have a new in tube Greys GR50 10/11 weight 15 foot 4 piece spey rod. I bought it to learn to spey cast with, but other than wagging it outside without a line it has never been used. I ended up buying a Loop Evotec instead so don't need two 15 foot rods. It still has the plastic on the grips...
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    Hey Guys. Up for sale is a 4wt 10' Grey's streamflex Rod. Amazing Euro Nymph Rod that I bought last year brand new of another member here and only used once. Thought I would use it a lot but have shifted my time more towards saltwater fishing and never really get a chance to use it. Literally...
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    I meant to get one of these awhile ago, but then they were discontinued. A niche rod, but if you have one that's in great shape and would like to sell it, let me know. Thanks. Bryan Portland, OR
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    As I gradually replace all the rods in the quiver with high-end ones ($$$-ouch!), this one has become a third backup 9wt that will never get fished out of my hoard, so might as well get it in the hands of someone that will use it. Perfect Salmon, Chrome or King rod. 14 foot pure cannon, I used...
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    Just going through all the stuff I've acquired and decided that I really need to thin out the quiver and give some of this stuff the water time it deserves! Pics available upon request via email, just send me an email at [email protected] and I'll shoot you over a pic of whatever it is...
1-9 of 9 Results