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  1. Cast & Blast
    I recently bought one of the Crosman American Classic 1377 pump pistols. These things have been around since 1977 and at less than $60 nowadays they have provided shooting fun for several generations by now. In stock form they are certainly crude and cheaply made but still manage to be very...
  2. Classifieds
    New, unfired except at the factory. Marlin Guide Gun 45-70 big loop lever. Model 1895GBL - A larger-loop finger lever makes for easier cycling of the action while wearing gloves. The two-tone brown laminated wood stock enhances resistance to weather. Blued finish. Full length six-shot tubular...
  3. Saltwater
    Or is there something else this guy could have have been fishing for at PNP with a buzz bomb?
  4. Cast & Blast
    In December I lost a bunch of guns to thieves. I've learned a lot since then. What the Detective wanted was the serial numbers of course, a description, and a photo. I had the serial numbers and description, but I had no photos of the guns themselves. Most of the information was on my computer...
    a gun
  5. Cast & Blast
    I don't post much here, but for some reason I've gotten several emails asking me about firearms I take to Alaska bear country. I thought some here might be interested. I'm not guiding up there, I'm the cook. For the past few years Ive mostly been in a hardsided cook shack or on a boat instead...
  6. Classifieds
    A while back I had some money burning a hole in my pocket after a successful night at the casino and I bought this beautiful pistol. Colt Combat Elite in .45. Full size 1911, two tone nitride finish, National Match match grade barrel, rosewood grips, two 8 round mags, Novak sights, beavertail...
1-6 of 7 Results