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  1. General Forum
    Just found this reel, let's just say at a really good price. What is it worth? Should I sell or fish with it very very new to fly-fishing. Couldn't find much on this let me know what y'all guys think.
  2. Saltwater
    Hey all... my nephew was just stationed in Bangor Washington. He’s dying to get out fishing, but doesn’t fly fish (yet).... can anyone give me some advise or places he can go on his off time for some salmon or something? Thanks a ton
  3. General Forum
  4. General Forum
    I have only fished for landlocked Atlantic Salmon in Argentina and have the opportunity to fish the Kola Peninsula in Russia this summer and was hoping someone out there can give me some advice on fly patterns that might be worthwhile to take. I prefer fishing dries, but really only have...
  5. General Forum
    I am a fan of fishing this lake, as it's local and I'm a sucker for some bass fishing. I have a 15' inflatable Saturn boat with a trolling motor, and am able to putt around within proximity to the launch ramp. I'm looking at buying a real boat this month, and it would be the first time I've...
  6. Gear/Technique
    Hello, I have wrapped a couple of graphite rods, and am getting ready to epoxy them. I am wondering if I wrapped them too tight, and if so if that can cause any problems. When I tried lighter tension the wraps would unravel with any burnishing, but with the tension I used it was pretty tough to...
  7. General Forum
    My annual early October Montana trip is out this year due to the impending birth of my second child whose due date is Oct. 1. I can’t wait for the kid to be here, but am bummed about my annual trip. Currently with a 2 and a half year old, the last time that I fished was in October of 2017...
  8. Gear/Technique
    I'm working on a Hardy Rogue River, tons of intermediate wraps! What's your method for the simplest clean wraps? Thanks~
  9. Fly Tying
    Hey guys I want to get into fly tying and would like a recommendation on any new starter kits or anything would help.
  10. Gear/Technique
    Have a question regarding athe decal issued with a Thomas & Thomas blank. Below is the decal, but I can't figure out how to apply it to the blank. The previous T&T blanks I've done were wet-transfer. I've soaked this one and it doesn't separate; neither will it pull apart from the backing. Is...
  11. General Forum
    From Change.org petition "FEB 2, 2018 - The Commissioners just voted unanimously against the PEOPLE in voting down our request to convert the NOF policy to a rule. Ron Warren recommended a NO vote, and every Commissioners voted NO! It was apparent that the department staff (based on a briefing...
  12. Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels
    Found these today at an antique shop. Smokin deal too... 1494 and 1494 1/2 Is there anyone who sells the reversible drag plates any more? These are RHW and I prefer lefty. The drag plates are not reversible on these reels. He also had an absolute mint 8 1/2 foot Wonderod. Cork looked brand...
  13. General Forum
    Inherited a couple rods, figured there might be a couple of you who could help with identifying them. Planning on bringing them to the local sports consignment shop unless they mean something to somebody. First up is a 3 piece bamboo with extra tip section. Came in a brown cloth rod sock...
  14. Fly Tying
    Looking to ID this pattern. Not sure where it came from or even how I ended up with it. Thanks, Mark
  15. General Forum
    Just saw this, and it sounds like fun. Once my schedule starts leveling out, I plan on volunteering. http://parkways.seattle.gov/2018/01/11/help-feed-salmon-carkeek-park-carkeek-watershed/
  16. Entomology
    just curious if someone can help with identification. North central Arkansas tailwater, Little Red River. January 10th , 1 pm, 45* air temperature. Several of these were landing on me but didn't see any in the air. No fish rising and couldn't see any hatch coming off , Thanks, Bill
  17. Gear/Technique
    Hi. I recently purchased a 390 grain 19' Airflo Skagit Switch from a member here. I received the line from New York today and...not it. I now have a 360 grain 22.5' Airflo shooting head with a pale yellow front loop...not the brown loop shown on the Rajeff Sports line charts. So what do I...
  18. Gear/Technique
    Hello everyone, I am looking at getting my first spey rod and have a question about whats a good all around rod weight to get? Im super excited to get one and getting out on the water. I'm looking at getting the Echo TR. I mainly trout fish, but I do want to get into some steelhead and knock...
  19. General Forum
    Picked up this rod as a light pocket water nymph / soft hackle swinging / no wind dry fly rod. I've only ever cast the heavier RPLs 790-4 or 8100-3 - So i'm curious if anyone has any favorite lines for the lighter RPLs 3-5wt). My first impulse is just to get a RIO Gold WF3F and be good with it...
1-19 of 74 Results