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  1. Fly Tying
    A variation of the Orange Heron spey fly and the Intruder. Tied on a 45mm waddington shank, this is an unweighted fly to be swung for Steelhead. This isn't an Intruder in the true sense of the pattern, but rather a mash-up of the classic Orange Heron fly and the large profile stylings of...
  2. Fly Tying
    Hamill's Killer with a different cloak. Non-tox underbody optional. hook - Mustad 79580 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 black tail - Australian possum tail black/golden pheasant tippets body - chenille yellow wing - woodduck flank dyed olive (1tbsp Rit Golden Yellow, 1tsp Rit Dark Green, 1 cup...
  3. Fly Tying
    Found this version on a UK site. A little bit of flash on the back end to brighten things up. hook - TMC 5263 #6 thread - UTC 140 hot orange tag - tying thread body - medium mylar opal wing - woodduck flank hackle - hen cream mash barb/start thread, wrap to bend and back to 2/3 mark...
  4. Orange Heron

    My attempt at Glasso's famous pattern
1-5 of 5 Results