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  1. Fly Tying
    Anyone have any collecting dust, willing to part with maybe? Especially a size 6 ? I'm finding I'm cutting up beat-up nymphs to re-tie, as my inventory is dwindling. Size 6 and 10 shown.
  2. Warm Water Species
    Fishing my goto crappie rig last week. 1/80 oz rootbeer micro jiglet on a #12 sickle jig hook. About 3-4ft under an indicator. Cast, let the rings settle, then 6''-12'' aggressive strips all the way back in. Pause for 5-10 sec between each strip. The stripped indicator causes commotion sort of...
  3. Fly Tying
    I was thumbing through a catalogue for these guys in a shop awhile ago, was given some samples of their 9130 saltwater hook and checked out their site. Did a search here and only found a couple mentions. Has anyone had experience with these?
  4. Classifieds
    All 100 packs from Lee and Son , Redditch England. No rust or broken hooks. All like new. Came with some other stuff from the 50s-60's. So thats my guess at age. If I am off on the age or the price - please let me know. $35 shipped per 100 pack CONUS. International pays actual shipping. Will...
  5. Classifieds
    I have some small hooks I will never or has ever use up for grabs for cost of postage: TMC2457 size 22-50pcs tmc101 size 22- 50pcs tmc100 size 22- 50pc tmc101 size 20-50 NOTE: COUNT IS A GOOD GUESS NOT ABOUT TO TRY COUNTING EACH
  6. Classifieds
    Here are bunch of NOS Mustad Hooks with a few other random boxes. All 100 packs. The last pic has a list of what the quantities and sizes of each are. Im looking for $10/box. Shipping to US included. International pays actual shipping. Discounts for multi box orders. I have pics of all of them...
  7. Classifieds
    TAKEN! I was cleaning out my tying supplies and decided these were just taking up space. They literally went into the trash, then I had a second thought.... someone else may appreciate them. So out they came, no worse for the experience. It looks like around forty hooks in four different sizes...
  8. Fly Tying
    I haven't found an answer to why salmon hooks have an loop formed by bending it back against the shank as the eye. Is there a reason?
  9. Classifieds
    Got some super ridiculously small size 32 hooks...thanks!
  10. Saltwater
    Headed to kauai, going to try to tag a 12 lb bonefish. Mostly just going to throw crazy charlies with huge tungsten eyes, so what hook and size would you recommend? All I hear is that these things often bend out most standard hooks. Of course if you have other pattern recommendations I'm all ears.
1-10 of 10 Results