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  1. General Forum
    It's not from Washington, but anyone who really cares can go SUCK EGGS. I had to drive up to Casper, Wyoming for a business thing on Friday. This was good for two reasons: first, it meant a day driving and out of the office. Score! Second, it meant I would be in the neighborhood of the fabled...
  2. General Forum
    We hooked into our first Steelhead of the season on a float down the Klickitat a few days ago. Here's a short video of the net. Enjoy. http://www.wildernessmade.com/2016/06/17/first-steelhead-2016-season-klickitat-river-wa/
  3. General Forum
    A little East Fork/West Fork action today. Half expected to run into Kyle on this little side channel... mile marker 5.5, is all I'm saying. Following a healthy hail storm and some electrical activity, the sun emerged and the swallows were on the hunt. I consider my patterns to be top notch...
  4. General Forum
    A couple buddies and I fished it opening weekend. It was still too high at 3000 cfs at Winthrop and got SKUNKED. Looks like it's about 2000 now. Anyone have success yet or still too soon? BTW I'm a long time reader of the forum but just officially signed up. Hope to see you all on the water!
1-4 of 4 Results