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    Up for sale is a 11'3" redington hydrogen trout spey. More or less a new rod, used it for about a month and went back to my 3wt Classic trout. The spey is just too much rod for what I need. Casted it a few times, but haven't actually caught any sizeable trout on it. Comes with a custom 215g 13'...
  2. Gear/Technique
    So I bit the bullet and picked up a 4 wt hydrogen spey after casting it at the shop yesterday. I think Im going to have a TON of fun with this thing. I bought a Skagit scout for it, however after getting home realized that they gave me a 360 grain. I know the rod says 300-325 grains for a...
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    For your consideration is a gently used 3113-4 Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey with blank warranty card. Nice medium fast action and very light. I found an Airflo Skagit Scout 270gr to be a great match. Would keep but have two other 3wt trout speys and this one is not getting used. Asking SOLD...
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    Like New Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey Fly Rod 11 ft 2 wt SOLD shipped
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    Excellent condition: Redington Hydrogen Spey rod 4116-4 and reel + line combo. 4wt 11'6" 4pc Comes with rod tube & warranty card, Pursuit reel w/ 270gr Rio Scandi line (line is NEW w/ tag). sold Perfect rod for trout spey, single hand spey, single hand overhead casting, etc... Super light and...
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    Have used but not abused 9' 3wt Redington Hydrogen...rod has been fished about 15 days or so. Have rod, sock, and tube...tube is black and labeled on the end with a Vapen sticker, but the rod is a Hydrogen. This rod was provided by Redington to replace a broken Vapen, but they didn't replace...
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    I'm looking for a lightly used 4wt, 10' rod under 3oz. A Redington hydrogen or TFO BVK would be ideal. I might consider something else, but I already have a nice purchase option on a slightly heavier rod.
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    2 month old Hydrogen 3 wt switch rod with case. As new. Purchased for my son two months ago but he simply isn't into fishing, so... it is for sale. 250.00. Save 50 dollars. I bought it for 299.00. If interested or have questions please reply to [email protected] William
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    I have a couple really sweet rods for sale. Used two times each, both come with warranty cards. Excellent condition. Paypal or local cash only thanks. Douglas Upstream 280-4. Nice slow-medium action 2 weight. Spigot ferrules. I applied a light coat of U40 Cork Seal when I got it, handle feels...
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    This is a new "4 Weight" Redington Fly Fishing Hydrogen Trout Spey 4116-4. Comes with sock, rod case and warranty card. List $349 Sell $285 shipped
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    Looking for a Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey 2wt or 3wt. Thank you
  12. Gear/Technique
    Picked up one of these rods last week; paired it with a Redington Rise in 5/6 size, and a 275gr Rio trout spey. This thing is a sling shot. I fished it on a lake today from my Outcast stealth. What a gas to cast. 12.5' of T-8 was no problem for it. The 11' skagit head is great for casting...
  13. Gear/Technique
    Yesterday, at the Pasadena Casting Club in southern California, I was able to "test drive" various trout spey rods on the water and ended up buying one. The vendors (Manufacturer Reps) that were there: G Loomis Orvis Redington Sage Patagonia (freeze dried foods and clothing) Project...
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    I have a 11' 3wt Redington Hydrogen rod that was designed specifically for euro style nymphing techniques. This rod is very sensitive to everything that happens to your fly and the extra reach has been incredible! I used the rod 1 time, but decided that it wasn't for me because I live 4 hours...
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    Looking to buy a trout spey / switch rod - 4, 5 or 6wt. First time going this light and trying out freshwater fishing. Prefer a switch rod or short spey rod for casting short distances using scandi head..... Looking for: Sage One 4116, 5116, 5126 or 6116. Hydrogen 4116. Custom rods. Or...
1-15 of 15 Results