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  1. General Forum
    Especially, are the lakes near the Colombia in shape for the opener? This week has been kind of bad and things may have re-frozen. Has anybody had eyes on Quincy or Lenice?
  2. Lakes
    So, I needed a day off to rest up, do too the wife and her mom for a drive. It was a beautiful day. Stopped in Morton at Spiffy's for a burger and shake, then in we went. Stopped for a few pictures. Then walked into the lake for a few casts from shore. I HATE WIND. But as it turned out a friend...
  3. Trip Reports
    Enough with the hiking, the flowers, the scenery; time for a few days of real man (and woman; saw enough of them on the water) stuff. Drive along the south boundary of the park; snowpack still looking good on both sides of the Divide Onto the res and down the east side the...
  4. Lakes
    taken yesterday at about 5:00 pm. half the lake is open. you can see the ice to the left. I think it will be gone by the time I arrive on the 3rd. After I took the picture a bald eagle came down and just missed a fish. dp
  5. Lakes
    So, I was talking with my friend that live next door to Potholes, he was saying they had about 2.5 feet of ice, and temps didn't seem to be warning up. Do we start taking bets as to if certain lakes are open in 25 days? Beverly forecast attached.... Brrrr
1-8 of 8 Results