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  1. Saltwater
    saw this online with no caption, can anyone identify this beautiful species? @Mems?
  2. Fly Tying
    Looking to ID this pattern. Not sure where it came from or even how I ended up with it. Thanks, Mark
  3. Entomology
    just curious if someone can help with identification. North central Arkansas tailwater, Little Red River. January 10th , 1 pm, 45* air temperature. Several of these were landing on me but didn't see any in the air. No fish rising and couldn't see any hatch coming off , Thanks, Bill
  4. Gear/Technique
    Hi. I recently purchased a 390 grain 19' Airflo Skagit Switch from a member here. I received the line from New York today and...not it. I now have a 360 grain 22.5' Airflo shooting head with a pale yellow front loop...not the brown loop shown on the Rajeff Sports line charts. So what do I...
  5. Saltwater
    Went up to Vancouver to the Anthropology museum at UBC and in among the collection of masks there was this guy.... I'm thinking....Not Salmon...... the mask was about 4 foot long....Steve? Ira?
  6. Saltwater
    Found this in an albacore today. None of us were sure what it was Thoughts?
  7. General Forum
    Ran into this guy the other day and believe it to be a Horntail Wasp? I've never seen one before. If that is the right bug, they are supposedly harmless. Tell that to the contractor that was here when it buzzed and cast a shadow over them :eek:. It was about 1-1/2 inches long.
  8. General Forum
    Awhile ago, I asked the forum brain for some advice IDing a rodent. No luck with that, but I think I narrowed it down to a Norwegian rat or honestly some other form of big rodent. With that, I started setting live traps and eventually rat traps. With the live traps, I caught standard rats...
  9. General Forum
    I need help to identify a tip I found in my single hand box. Looks like a tip for a skagit - 10' long - light blue w/ loops - weighs 9 grams - see photo. It tapers short & heavy on one end and light & thin on the other end.... I can't remember if this was a Rio product as I remember buying...
  10. General Forum
    I'm used to seeing cuttbows with much finer spots. Not these big prominent spots. I know that spots on fish can vary in size and amount (less or more spots). Browns are a good example of this. But this fish..I'm assuming it is heavy on the rainbow side and less so on the cutt? I've only seen a...
  11. General Forum
    I have a WF floating fly line that came on a 697 Z-Axis (and Sage reel) outfit I bought used probably 4 years ago. It's a peach color, so I always figured it was a Cortland 444 Classic in 6wt (came on a 6wt). Inspecting further it has welded loops t both ends, and as far as I can tell Cortland...
  12. Saltwater
    Found this shrimp in the shallows this morning. Photo courtesy of DimeBrite. I'm thinking perhaps a immature cooonstripe......yes or no? Thanks for your input. SF
  13. Entomology
    What is this mayfly they are calling a Gray Drake? To me they look like a different color phase of a March Brown (rhithrogena). I don't believe they are Gray Drakes (siphlonurus) which are typically July hatches. Any thoughts? (scroll down to the Gray Drake heading)...
  14. Trip Reports
    Having moved to South Central Idaho fairly recently, it's not often that I get chance to go after steelhead these days. The one notable exception is the annual return of primarily A-run fish (mixed with a few B-runs) up the Salmon River near Stanley. A couple of work colleagues try to make an...
  15. General Forum
    Reel says Hardy but Can someone tell who made this Reel? in USA In England by What Company. ? Thanks
  16. General Forum
    Had a great day steelhead fishing (caught five including this fish). Caught what I think is a bow. If it is it's easily a personal best for me. I'm confused though because it doesn't really look like the resident trout from the river I was fishing, and also doesn't look like the resident...
  17. General Forum
    As temperatures continue to hover around freezing and my local river cranking well above a fishable level, I have nothing left but to pretend to tie flies and look back on warmer times. I found this photo of one of my first fish caught on a dry fly. This guy, and many others, are the only things...
  18. General Forum
    Found on the shores of Lake Cle Elum by a friend- what kind of fish?
  19. General Forum
    Ok WFF brain, maybe you could help me with this one. I live in Western Washington, and some kind of fairly large rodent has started a series of tunnels in my back yard. The tunnel openings are about 3 to 4 inches in diameter. Whatever it is, it is discretionary with its droppings, choosing to...
  20. General Forum
    I got a few boxes of flies at a garage sale a while back, and while I've seen most of the patterns before, these are unfamiliar. Anyone recognize them? All are on stainless steel hooks, with either two or three loops of pearl tinsel on the back. Those tinsel loops are new to me. Whatever...
1-20 of 33 Results