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  1. Watercraft
    Good Evening Beautiful River Riders…. This is a post we never want to have to make. So you will see this on many of our whitewater pages and we apologize for the repetition however we need to get the word out. Maravia and Cascade River Gear was robbed between the dates of December 9th and...
  2. Saltwater
    Hey everyone, I have recently strayed towards salty waters looking for some respite from steelhead fishing. My goal was to chase down some Sea Run Cutthroat. I spent today fishing the rising tide on a beach in the Gig Harbor area, trying to learn the ropes of the new environment. I had two...
  3. Entomology
    Hello, could I ask for some assistance with an ID for this bug? That's the only worthwhile photo I have. It was about 1" long not counting antennae. Thanks!
  4. General Forum
    A river in Clark county has been offering up cutthroat trout lately, and I wonder if anyone can ID them. Are they west slope? Since I'm used to 6-10 inch rainbows, these guys really got my heart pumping. I thought they may have been sea-run as I understand this river has a good sea-run...
  5. Cast & Blast
    I saw these strange duck decoys at the Goodwill. I can't seem to identify them. Does anyone have a clue what they are?
  6. Entomology
    Found this guy on a river rock. Wondering if it is related to a pill bug.
  7. General Forum
    I live in Twin Falls, ID (not Seattle like my profile says). My wife and kids will be away for much of October. I know, I know....this is an almost unbelievable opportunity, and I've already begun day dreaming about fishing places I never get to when they are around. (Don't get me wrong...I...
  8. Saltwater
    DimeBrite and I found this clam lying on dry sand with yesterday's minus tide. It had no visible neck but a very long, pronounced digger foot. We moved it to a sandy area with some standing water. It extended its foot and started digging, eventually going fron lying horizontal to vertical, then...
  9. Saltwater
    Any opinions on the ID of this jumper? Thanks Photo by R. Friedman
  10. Saltwater
    Caught out of Westport trolling for Salmon. Hoping some of you experts will settle this debate. I'm saying Mackerel. Others are saying young black cod. Love to hear any thoughts
  11. Trip Reports
    Some of you know that I moved to southern Idaho last fall and have been eagerly anticipating the fly fishing opportunities this area offers. The legendary brown drake hatch on Silver Creek was one such opportunity, and it did not disappoint. I've fished Silver Creek this past winter and had...
  12. Watercraft
    I am looking for some help to identify the two rafts in the picture below. Does anyone know who manufacturers them? and what specific models they each are? I don't want this thread to turn into a a glued PVC vs. welded PVC debate... as that been covered before... I'm just looking for who makes...
21-33 of 33 Results