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    Culling the herd and have some free fishing books in search of a new owner. I live in Kirkland. You pick them up and they're yours. Salmon Flies Their Character, Style and Dressing by Poul Jorgenson. 1978 edition. This and Pryce-Tannant's book should be your Bible if you tie full dress...
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    These Products are all brought to us on our trade in program here at the shop. You can call us with questions or to purchase an item at Puget Sound Fly Co. (253) 472-2420 mon-fri 10am-6pm sat. 10am-5pm sun. 11am-4pm Product...
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    Awesome collection of Hand- Tied Flies on quality Umpqua & Dai- Riki hooks. These are hand tied by me, my brother, and a couple of trout bums In CO, WY, & Montana. I have a few flies and no longer guide full time...therefore someone will benefit because i don't need thousands of flies! This...
  5. General Forum
    Finishing up a project drift boat soon and need to make a decision about the rowers seat. Would love to hear some feedback on both types. Some pertinent details, I had a major back surgery 20 years ago so it is important for me to have my knees level with my waist or below for all day...
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    Craigslist ad: https://bozeman.craigslist.org/spo/d/fly-tying-desks-bozeman/6551318076.html
  7. General Forum
    It's gone mainstream folks! https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/12/style/instagram-fishing.html With 21,500 Instagram followers, she has attracted the attention of more than just curious lookyloos. Three months ago, she said she signed a contract with a sponsor, Hardy, a maker of fly fishing rods...
  8. General Forum
    2 nights in San Fran, 1 night in Monterey or Caramel, 2 nights in Sequoia near Grants, 1 night in Santa Barbara and then a few in Carlsbad. I’m bringing a rod or two, whatever flies I might need, a stripping basket, waders and urgency to catch a fish in California. Any ideas?
  9. Classifieds
    I'm in Whitefish MT and the ice is just about off the lake. I need to get a complete setup for pike. Prefer to buy package but can piece it together to. I have a 6 weight Scott radian currently, so I think that I want an 8 weight. Pm me post here or text me. 515-556-6568 $500 budget
  10. General Forum
    As I'm reading various threads about people's summer trip plans and questions about other interesting things for family along the way this site came to mind. http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/states/washington/ I subscribe to a few states in our area and always enjoy the articles.
  11. General Forum
    I want to party with these guys. www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/longueuil-theft-beer-beef-pepperoni-millions-quebec-1.4605946
  12. Saltwater
    So my wife has a business "thing" going on...and it happens to be in Hawaii. Never thought I would have the opportunity to go, but here it is! We will be on Maui intially. I planned on taking a flight right over to Molokai and go out with Captain Clay the day that my wife has her meeting...
  13. Saltwater
    Fishing is starting to turn on in Hawaii this spring, lot of nice ahi around. Some decent sized mahi as well. The ono have started their spring run as well, got three on friday, Good Friday. Rainy's pink popper has been the ticket. Some quality 80lb shibi as well. I hooked this one on chunk...
  14. Lakes
    Do you use dropper flies in lakes and ponds? Is there any disadvantage to fishing with two flies in still water?
  15. General Forum
    I've been lurking on the forum for a handful of months now and thought I might make an official "New guy" post, since it looks like I'll be sticking around for a while. My name is Lucas, I'm a 28 year old Honda Master Technician currently living in Shoreline. It seems to me that the majority...
  16. Classifieds
    Never casted, never fished. Comes with a rod sock and a rod tube. Got the rod a month ago and I'd love to keep it but life got in the way. Located in the Skagit Valley but can ship. $525 shipped. Thanks for looking, Rob : photos upon request :
  17. General Forum
    Not my pic but these two were spotted in a backyard in Kirkland today. Hide your pets
  18. General Forum
    CSA/*MSA: 2016 | 2017 | Change | Percentage Boise: 770,213 | 790,363 | +20,150 | +2.62% Spokane: 707,921 | 721,873 | +13,952 | +1.97% *Tri Cities: 283,799 | 290,296 | +6,497 | +2.29% *Yakima: 249,323 | 250,193 | +870 | +0.35% Idaho Falls: 239,329 | 243,805 | +4,476 | +1.87% Bend: 203,019 |...
  19. General Forum
    Just a heads up...I decided to get out and do a little fishing while I was in MT and got hung up in traffic. Man, talk about herd mentality! It was worth it in the end though. Water temps were still low and we lost clarity as the day progressed but all in all a good day with a few nice fish...
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1-19 of 397 Results