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  1. General Forum
    Sự tăng trưởng mang theo sau một chuỗi những vấn đề cần được giải quyết, tuy đó là mức thu nhập bình quân, nhưng có người thu cao rất cao, có người lại không đủ cho chi tiêu. Do đó, http://vaynhanh24h.com đã được nhiều người tìm đến, nhưng không phải ai cũng được giúp đỡ và hỗ trợ về tài chính...
  2. Conservation
    http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/11/world/sutter-mass-extinction-ceballos-study/index.html Humans are invasive, toxic, and overwhelming. This process of destruction started as humans evolved, increased and expanded their range. Today, humans occupy ever single continent and the numbers are...
  3. Site Help and Suggestions
    It's been going on for a few days now. Whatever function I click on, open a forum, or submit a post, the wheel just turns and turns before the action executes. I was able to go get a cup of coffee after clicking "start a new thread" here. At first I figured it was my computer since I'm...
  4. General Forum
    Caught a bunch of these on the Methow this weekend. The closer to the Columbia river, the fewer trout and eventually I was only catching these. I cant seem to find out what they are anywhere. They don't seem to have teeth, or much teeth, they have scales, but the upper portion of the fish feels...
  5. Anadromous
    Has this already been posted and I missed it? I have read about this concept in a couple of different places now but the premise is once you hook, land, and release four steelhead by your group or by yourself, you would voluntarily hang your hook in the keeper and call it a day as a conservation...
  6. General Forum
    I love my ugly ankle-snappin' boots, They got new felt and monkey shit-caulk meant for roofs, Sure they smell and look like crap, But on the cedar and snoho you're immune from the clap, and best of all Swimmy gets all jelly and mute!
    is on
  7. General Forum
    Fished the upper green yesterday, sure was quiet and serene... Got to fish for about 20 minutes and got this little guy tossing a dry! Promptly after releasing fish i slip and land flat on my ass, I was ok but I broke the tip section of my Clearwater! Frustrated I make the long walk back...
  8. General Forum
    My neighbor showed me this rod. It was his grandfathers. Its a 9 section 14 foot rod. It has either Japanese or Chinese markings. I will attach 2 photos which I hope you can zoom otherwise you can't really see the rod very well. It has flyfishing guides. I thought it may be a squid rod but I dunno.
  9. General Forum
    Anyone have any idea what this fly is? I had a couple of them in my box and had a good evening using one the other day. But I have no idea what they are are where they came from. Some sort of a damselfly nymph maybe? Brass beadhead with a lead bead or splitshot tied in as well. Sinks plenty...
  10. Lakes
    So, I needed a day off to rest up, do too the wife and her mom for a drive. It was a beautiful day. Stopped in Morton at Spiffy's for a burger and shake, then in we went. Stopped for a few pictures. Then walked into the lake for a few casts from shore. I HATE WIND. But as it turned out a friend...
  11. General Forum
    Caught this guy on the Yakima and not sure what it is. I'm sure someone here knows.
  12. Classifieds
    For Sale- Barely Used Yeti Tundra Cooler- White, Best Money Can Buy! Size is a 160 Qt. Clean and Barely Used. Dimensions are: Outside- 21.5"H x 45"L x 19.5"W Inside- 15.5" x 37.38" x 12.38" Footprint- 16.38" W x 43.5"L MSRP is: $679 selling for $445 Come grab it. I am moving and don't have...
  13. Saltwater
    Won't want to cast a fly rod that large anyway! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1712011989099253&set=o.79401335600&type=3
  14. General Forum
    I just did a search and the machine said that their web site had been taken down?
  15. Saltwater
    We made it over to the Gig Harbor area today and finally checked out a buddies place to fish his beach. He's been telling me to come fish it all winter and today while playing guide for another buddy we checked it out. Right after we showed up we were standing in my buddies living room when...
  16. General Forum
    Found this on my computer monitor after the kids went to bed, apparently my 8 year old daughter wants me to me to do something ...
    is me to
  17. Saltwater
    WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 http://wdfw.wa.gov March 28, 2017 Anglers fishing Lake Sammamish can now retain hatchery-reared coho Action: Institutes landlocked salmon rules, allowing retention of marked...
  18. General Forum
    What is the Soap Lake Girls story? I marked this NFR even though it might actually be fishing related. I have no idea! Though i'm inclined to think not!
  19. Lakes
    Winter thinking about summer fishing for crappie and blue gill this summer. Maybe a few perch also.
41-59 of 106 Results