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  1. General Forum
    Well checkin in from OH where ive been chompin at the bit to wet a line ! Work has been so crazy i havnt been able to even wet a line with 6-7 20hr days a week ! Was painting a road over one of our 3 trout streams and had a few minutes to watch a 20" or so brown try to take a number of cicada's...
  2. General Forum
    Your steelhead fishing has been open over a month now in the NW but I see no steelhead pictures. I was hoping to see some monsters
  3. General Forum
    Last year we missed out annual trip due to low water levels and we didn't want to stress the fish. Has anybody been there lately? How is it? Thanks in advance for your help. We will be heading up July 18. Phil
  4. Fly Tying
    New to tying and was wondering what material is being used here. Was going to place and order but was not sure what to get. Is it Angel hair, Gamechange fiber or something else. That it might also have minnow head brush around the stinger line section. Any help appreciated
101-105 of 106 Results