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  1. General Forum
    I will be staying on Fidalgo Island over the weekend and am wondering if any of the lakes other than Pass Lake are worth trying.
  2. Trip Reports
    Updated note (June 2018), see the last post in this thread. Kapoho area has been devastated by the lava flow, hundreds of houses (including the house in the photos below) are gone and the Kapoho tide pools area (some of the underwater photos below) are no more. So sad. Another update on July...
  3. Saltwater
    I am looking for recommendations for a San Juan Island fly fishing guide, and/or fly fishing resources for the area.
  4. Saltwater
    Dean got his first boner on the Big Island. Too bad the fish jumped out of his hands on the hero shot. Then yesterday we went offshore, heard there was an early run of ono, wahoo. Rainbow was a good omen. Right after the rainbow the short rigger goes off. Dean gets on the reel and lands a...
  5. Saltwater
    Aloha, took Jack Beer out for a day at A-bay. The tide was high so we started on the wall. Jack got hooked up on some weke,but the papio would only follow the fly and didn't hit. He got a couple more weke, they want to be a bone and try hard. Best catch was this cuda. Jack got it with out...
  6. Saltwater
    All, Thinking about a trip to Xmas Island next year. Trying to find info on it, but also looking for a little insight that maybe someone has learned when they went there. Tips etc. Thanks in advance.
  7. Saltwater
    Posted this on the main forum with no love and thought maybe some of you salty dogs knew a thing or two about these cabins: OP: Just now starting to plan a second trip to POW this spring and was wondering if anyone has flown into any of the remote cabins on the island.... namely Shipley Creek...
  8. General Forum
    Not enough time, crummy tides, very little beach access. Couldn't catch a cold; only saw one confirmed salmon roll (when I didn't have a rod). Place was pretty as all get out though, and the wedding (cousin's) went well, so it still counts as a win. Next time I'm gonna get my hands on a watercraft.
  9. Saltwater
    Staying with friends on Guemes Island in late October. Any info on SRCs, salmon, and/or early winter steelhead cruising the beaches there? Thanks.... Jim B.
  10. Saltwater
    Aloha, took Chris Bradley out for a day at A-bay. He is owner of the StoneFly shop in Butte. He got into the yellow spot papio, and got a wide variety of other fish like weke, goat fish and even a nice Lai, queen fish. The picture got messed up when I rotated it, so you will have to believe...
  11. Saltwater
    Have fished Nor Cal and OR for Silvers and Kings for many years from select beaches. Will be visiting San Juan Island relatives end of month. Are there beach's to fish for Pinks up there?
  12. Saltwater
    I now live in Anacortes and have been using Google maps and Island beach access (IBA) to scout out beaches that might produce SRC. Found myself on Coronet (deception pass park). Nice long gravel beach. Fish and wildlife surveyor said her co worker fishes for SRC on this beach. Lot's of current...
  13. Saltwater
    Visited my folks, like I do every super low tide every summer. At the lowest point in the tide I wade out as far as I can, cast as far as I can, and usually catch a salmon or two. Last year I got skunked- so I was fired up for action. Worked pretty hard, but this is all I caught... Fair...
  14. Saltwater
    Guy got to go out for a day of offshore action with my good friend Bob Duerr on his boat the "Mo Betta" The day lookedpromising with a nice little rainbow over Pu'uo vent. Seas not to bad for Hilo standards. Guy, aka silverfly got all covered up for the hawaiian sun. We ran south looking for...
  15. Anadromous
    I was wondering if anyone had any experience fishing these two island locations in early august. I have a week of vacation scheduled, and I'm considering spending it driving around the perimeter of Vancouver Island and fish as many streams as I can or going for broke and heading to Haida Gwaii...
  16. General Forum
    Any tips for places to fly fish on Orcas? We will be spending the day in Moran State Park in a few weeks and I'm thinking about bringing my rod along in-case we come across a worthwhile spot as we explore the park. Are there pros/cons to fishing Cascade vs. Mountain lake? Thanks!
  17. Lakes
    I've been looking over the maps of Fidalgo Island and there seems to be several small bodies of water that have my attention. Big Beaver pond, Mitten pond and a few that show up on the maps without a name. I've found tons of info on the well known fishing lakes but info on smaller bodies of...
  18. Saltwater
    Had my two cousins over with me for a big island adventure, they really liked Waipio valley. Took them offshore for a day, we went all around but only got this one small ahi. Anna was stoked, and we made ahi kabobs for pupuus. I took them inshore fishing over in Kona and got this nice yellow...
  19. Saltwater
    Took AA out in Hilo for an afternoon of chasing fish in Liliuokalani Gardens pond. Aaron got a new Sage one and it cast some nice tight loops. Too bad the trevally and bonefish did not cooperate. His wife Meghan had fun with a spin rod and got a bunch of puffers. The first couple were...
  20. General Forum
    I'm going to be spending the next 3 days on Whidbey Island. Renting a house on Mermaid Lagoon in Greenbank. Any recommendations via pm on fishing in the area would be greatly appreciated. Not sure if there will be much that far north. My gf will be with me as well so I'm planning on fishing...
1-20 of 37 Results