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    Selling this Islander FR2 as it is my backup reel and haven't put it to that much use this season. It is in great shape all around with only some very minor cosmetic blemishes (as you'd expect around the foot of the reel and some barely noticeable reel rash) - $375 SOLD. Price excludes shipping...
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    Anyone out there happen to have an Islander LX 4.0 / 4.5 they are willing to part with (or possibly exchange for an FR3)? Now looking for a spare spool in Gold for an Islander LX 4.5. Thanks, AW
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    I have a couple of rods and a reel for sale; figured I'd offer them here before going to an auction. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for looking! Scott F754/3 - Black glass, relatively fast for glass, throws nice tight loops; this is an excellent small to medium stream rod...
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    Unused/lightly used Islander LX 4.0 reel. Orange. This colour has been discontinued. Asking $500 USD. Shipping included. Ships from Canada. Selling b/c my father-in-law is downsizing.
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    Here is a mint Islander Steelheader gold pin reel for sale, with backing and 8wt line I believe. Also, is a custom made 13' Talon ITM float rod built with REC Recoil titanium sf guides including the tip. There's also an extra butt section built as a spiral wrap for a acting reel - I couldn't...
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    Looking for an Islander LA 3.6. Thanks
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    2 spare spools for an Islander TS1 in gold. Mint Shape $140 for both or $75 each Located in Mission BC but willing to meet around Bellingham or ship on your dime... Rich
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    Ya, a reel for a single hand 4 wt is highest on my list but I also need a reel for a 5/6 wt. switch rod right now as well. Really, I just want to get my hands on one of these reels. Played around with one at an event and loved it. Shoot me a PM if you have anything. Thanks!
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    Needs to be straight and roll true, no junk please. Please pm me with the particulars if you have one for sale. Thanks for looking. I'll cover postage to BC
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    If you have an extra Islander IR2 spool just collecting dust, let me know your price! Thanks.
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    Hi Gang, Selling a custom made Sage TCX 796-4. pristine shape. I had only test cast it. One of a kind and beautiful cork and burl wood seat. But of rod screws to hold reel to rad. Beautiful guides. It does have my name written on it, so you could keep that or have a rod smith remove it. I...
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    Brand new never lined. Comes with box and neoprene pouch. In RH set up. Price $600.00 US I will cover shipping and Pay Pal Rod
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    Looking for a good condition Islander LX 3.8 or LX 4.0
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    LX 4.0 new or used.
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    Excellent used condition Islander IR1 gold fly reel. Comes with original black neoprene case and box. Line not included. Will leave backing on. Sold Pending Funds
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    The reel is in excellent condition $300 plus PayPal fees
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    Looking for an IR-3. Ideally black. Let me know.
  18. Fly Wallet for Islander

    Fly Wallet for Islander
1-18 of 18 Results