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  1. Classifieds
    Beautiful net. Not Getting much use. $100 shipped in continental US. $ via pp- I'll cover the fees. Hate that stupid friends/family plea. We'll do it regular style so buyers got some confidence.
  2. Saltwater
    I am looking for recommendations for a San Juan Island fly fishing guide, and/or fly fishing resources for the area.
  3. Saltwater
    Have fished Nor Cal and OR for Silvers and Kings for many years from select beaches. Will be visiting San Juan Island relatives end of month. Are there beach's to fish for Pinks up there?
  4. General Forum
    We can't allow this to happen : http://www.king5.com/mb/tech/science/environment/first-commercial-fish-farm-proposed-for-strait-of-juan-de-fuca-1/394028523
  5. Saltwater
    This just in from the Sea Doc Society. They are doing some cool work in marine science. http://www.seadocsociety.org/our-hardy-bands-of-cutthroats/
1-6 of 6 Results