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  1. Conservation
    From High Country News: "In late August, a range rider found a calf with bite wounds and lacerations dead on public grazing lands in Ferry County, Washington. The Sherman wolf pack was at it again. The newly-formed pack had already taken three other livestock animals over the last 10 months...
  2. General Forum
  3. General Forum
    Billy Mac, I think you brought this up awhile back. Maybe this will help! http://komonews.com/news/local/groups-move-to-ban-cyanide-traps-that-kill-predator-animals
  4. General Forum
    A nice video just released about the destruction of a sea trout population in Scotland caused by fish farming http://www.moldychum.com/eaten-alive-end-of-an-era/ Well timed, given the current proposal to expand fish farms in the straits...
  5. Lakes
    A buddy and I fished Lone Lake Saturday and Sunday - I mean really fished it, 6+ hours each day. Not a trout to be found, not even a small tug or bump on the line. We were all over the lake, fished every depth from 4' to 15', tried every type of fly we could think of, on every kind of retrieve...
1-5 of 5 Results