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  1. Klickitat steelhead

    An average 1 salt hen from the lower Klickitat. On the swing, small dark fly, on an intermediate poly leader after working the run with a big pink fly on a sink tip.
  2. New wading shoes

    I got these new wading shoes two sizes big to accommodate extra socks for winter wading. Oh, and this wild hen from the Klickitat this morning on the swing.
  3. My lucky fly on the Klickitat

    I went through the run with a little dark fly, because that is the rule when the sun is off the water and the water is clear. Then I put on my lucky fly and, as usual, a fish could not resist it. I call this fly the "pink monstrosity". It's been a long time since I caught a steelhead on the Klickit
  4. General Forum
    FYI Just above Slide, right in the middle of the boulders there's a root ball with a log or two attached. There's no real easy way around it. Go to the left, tuck in your oars, do your best in the boils. You may hit the rocks with your boat and do cookies, but that's still better than getting...
  5. General Forum
    NOVEMBER 2ND POTLUCK: Simcoe Mountain Project Update! Join the Klickitat Trout Unlimited Chapter for a fun evening of food and updates. All are welcome to bring a dish to share and learn more about the Simcoe Mountain Project. Open to the public. Learn more...
  6. General Forum
    I’m looking to line up my 9’ 9wt for an October trip to the Klickitat. Right now I’m running clear intermediate from Mexico trips. If I’m starting from scratch and on a budget, what would be a good setup that can be used for nymphing and swinging for kings? I’m pretty new to T#’s and tip set...
  7. General Forum
    I am heading to the Klickitat on Friday morning to take a guide with The Evening Hatch. I will be returning the same day. My buddy dropped out, so if anybody is interested in splitting the guide let me know. It will be $250 and may need to drive a little if I get tired. Thanks, Benjamin
  8. Anadromous
    I am thinking about doing a Klickitat guide trip with Red's this fall (http://redsflyshop.com/klickitat-river-multi-day-adventures/). Has anybody done this trip or have opinions on an alternate guide package? I want to take a guide at least the first time to learn the river, etc. Any info...
  9. General Forum
    Even though it was hot, this was a fun event. The Mitchell's are great hosts and really did a great job. I have been wanting to break into the Two Hand game for a while, but have been reluctant to drop a load of cash on an experiment. The lexicon is overwhelming, the crowd seemingly...
  10. General Forum
    I booked a last-minute guide trip on the Klickitat with Aaron O'Leary of Angler's Obsession. If you want to join, shoot me a PM and we'll work out the details.
  11. Gear/Technique
    For those interested in a great summertime weekend roadtrip, The Evening Hatch is once again hosting the 4th annual Klickitat Spey Clave! If you've never been, it's a great event that blends a family friendly atmosphere with informative presentations and various tackle demos to try out. Here is...
  12. General Forum
    We hooked into our first Steelhead of the season on a float down the Klickitat a few days ago. Here's a short video of the net. Enjoy. http://www.wildernessmade.com/2016/06/17/first-steelhead-2016-season-klickitat-river-wa/
  13. Death of the Skunk steelhead

    This is the steelhead I caught swinging a spawning purple 9/26/04 above Horseshoe Bend on the Klickitat. The first guide on this rod is 22.5" from the butt, so this fish was about 23.8". 12 to 13 lb according to the fish weight calculators. Not a great picture but I wanted to get him unho
1-20 of 20 Results