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  1. General Forum
    I am struggling when tying knots with stiff line sections, especially when building leaders. It seems that the videos produced all show how easy it is to tie a knot because they use some very limp material in the demonstration. The principles of good know strength as I understand them are: 1...
  2. General Forum
    These three are by far my most used knots. Perfection Loop Double Surgeon Non-slip mono Loop I did these videos after a conversation on the water with a buddy about knots. His top 3 for the same application were different Perfection Loop - he used a Surgeon Loop I think the perfection loop is...
  3. General Forum
    It's been my experience that I have more LDR's when using the non-slip loop knot - particularly on streamers. I think most of us use this knot on certain flies as it affords a more natural, life like action. When I use a cinch knot, my "to hand" catch rate goes up... but my hook-up rate goes...
1-3 of 3 Results