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    Does anyone know of a reputable breeder that has the American field labs, not the blocky English? We've decided that it's time to add another family member to our house and would like either a black or charcoal male lab puppy. There are a few breeders around who advertise on the AKC website...
  2. bite

    Georgia the not-yet-ready-for-prime time fishing dog attacking the first trout she has ever seen. Good thing she didn't get it, because I have never broken a C&R law in Washington state...
  3. watching2

    Georgia the soon-to-be-fabulous fishing dog watching a drift on the MF Snoq.
  4. whatsthat

    Georgia the soon-to-be fabulous fishing dog on her first flyfishing excursion on the MF Snoq. She's 7 months old.
1-5 of 5 Results