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  1. General Forum
    Made a trip out to eastern Washington back in December to look for some Lahontan cutthroat AAAND of course I made a vid from the trip. Weather was forecasted to be below freezing with winds up to 30mph. While it was cold our first day, it was actually pretty nice for a winter December day ...
  2. General Forum
    I'm back! Have another video from my last trip up to the Omak area. Got into some amazing cutties! Took me a bit (with some help) to find them, but once we were in the right spots, it helped and the catching improved. On my way back to Seattle, I was going to fish Rufus-woods just to check it...
  3. General Forum
    So on my way back from Omak (another trip report and video coming) I stopped off to see all the Lahontan's staging up. I always enjoy stopping off to look and see a sample of the fish that live in that lake. When I think about fishing stacked up like this I usually think about Alaska, so it's...
  4. General Forum
    Day 2 video from our road trip to Omak lake done! The scenery was awesome, the wind was not so awesome, fish were awesome! We also took a few stills on the trip. Hope you enjoy!
1-4 of 4 Results