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  1. Trip Reports
    A cold spring with lots of runoff late into the season meant we would only be blind casting to the occasional cruising fish. That didn't sound so bad, and despite the obvious disadvantage that we might have over the standard conditions of gin-clear water and abundant moving targets, our goal of...
  2. Lakes
    I hadn't been to damsel point in maybe six or seven years. The last time I managed to get out of bed early enough to wade and fish this shoreline when the damsels and callibaetis were migrating/hatching, I sight casted to and landed a 30-inch Lahontan. I hoped to do the same this...
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  4. Amy's Big Fish

    7lb (?) Lahontan Amy caught in Lake Lenore. This is her biggest fish she's ever caught (except maybe at King Lake).
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1-9 of 9 Results