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  1. Lakes
    I will be at tye lake in Monroe on monday there is a fishing derby on Sunday and then they pull the nets and there are lots of large fish and also there are tagged fish worth money and gift cards. It gets crazy but if your in a boat not so bad need more fly guys on the lake stop by and say hi...
  2. Lakes
    I have always suspected that the pH of our lakes are a key factor in providing sufficient "bugs" as feed to our trout. Some of the lakes that I frequent seem to have issues with low bugs hatches. Note: Chironomids represent 50% of the food source for trout in lakes. See attached chart that...
  3. Lakes
    Fished panther lake lots of small planted bows caught them under a indicator with a small sculpin fly water temp 53 deep lake 40 feet.tried to fish Martha lake smoky point but it was really windy got a nice bow trolling nowhere. To hide from the wind water temp 54. Fished gissburg ponds from...
  4. General Forum
    Here is todays pic of the Burke and Quincy Lakes access from White Trail Road. Just an FYI for anyone thinking about the March 1 opener! This was taken about 30 yards from White Trail Road!
  5. Lakes
    It's been awhile since I've seen a thread on these lakes. Wondering if anyone has made these trips lately, and if so, what they experienced. From what I've heard, it's been awhile since they've planted the Greider lakes with "Goldens", but there are outlet creeks, so spawning is possible. Does...
  6. Lakes
    So, I was talking with my friend that live next door to Potholes, he was saying they had about 2.5 feet of ice, and temps didn't seem to be warning up. Do we start taking bets as to if certain lakes are open in 25 days? Beverly forecast attached.... Brrrr
  7. Lakes
    Looking for decent lakes in Kitsap county to cast some flies into willing to travel though if the fishing is right at other areas
  8. Lakes
    Heading to La Pine in a week or so and wondered if anyone has any recent Paulina, East, Crane Prarie etc. reports . Thanks. Rich
  9. Trip Reports
    Just returned from a southwest Montana trip fishing a couple of lakes over 5 days. It's an area I've visited often but each trip throws a new wrinkle in the mix. This year it was some hot weather and an active wild fire about 20 miles away. The heat didn't really affect the fishing but the...
  10. Lakes
    In a recent thread @Matt B threw down the gauntlet to challenge us to post more fishing reports. File this one in the better late than never category. This past spring was a good one for me. I got out more than usual, fished some new water, enjoyed getting a little more dialed in on some of...
  11. General Forum
    I like lakes with multiple trout species; it is always interesting to see if I can tell the species by their fighting behavior and I like the diversity, beauty and solitude of mountain lakes. I recently hit two lakes on consecutive days. The first lake has cutts and bows and the second one has...
  12. General Forum
    So im fishing the 7 lakes basin on the peninsula soon and was wondering what kind of flies I should be using.
  13. General Forum
    Thinking of heading over. Lots of lakes and pretty good fishing.
  14. General Forum
    As promised in yesterday's Happy Father's Day thread, I went to check out a high lake I did well on last year. It was a beautiful day, my wonky back behaved surprisingly well, and I'm pleased to report that there is still some snow in the backcountry. But like..... where are the fish? The the...
  15. Lakes
    This isn't as exciting as posting a fun trip report or some new artwork, but I promise there will be some of that following my next trip. My dad was suppose to join me last September, but he broke his foot. This time around, he has tickets to fly to Seattle and drive with me for a week-long...
  16. General Forum
    Stillwater Fly Fishing: Article by Tyler Laurenti Having a Game Plan / Fly Design and Presentation Fly Design and Presentation In the last article, Having a Game Plan, we covered the basics of lake structure. In this article, were going to get some insight into what is necessary to make your...
  17. General Forum
    Stillwater Fly Fishing: Article by Tyler Laurenti Having a Game Plan / Fly Design and Presentation Having a Game Plan If I were to make a guess, I'd say that about 80% of fly-fishers are attracted to running water. Of that 80%, I would be willing to venture that half of that 80% fish running...
21-40 of 40 Results