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  1. Warm Water Species
    A long day of trout fishing in the seeps made me start to wonder why I like bass so much. About a dozen 14-18" trout had been landed while stripping wooly buggers 15-20 down. The trout took line, jumped, didn't give up easily and generally fought like trout. As the day wound down I started to...
  2. Warm Water Species
    I'm here in Anacortes. Just placed an order for a float tube, pump and waders. I've been ripping LMB lips my entire life but never like this. So...for now, during the summer before trout at Pass....learning how to use a float tube... Heart Lake, Whistle Lake and Little Cranberry seems to be an...
  3. Warm Water Species
    The bass continue to bite. Had a great day yesterday with many decent fish to hand. The biggest was 18" and the smallest 12" Ready to go Some fish: There was enough action to encourage experimentation with flies. Most of my newer surface flies caught fish with the Femme Fatale, Diving...
  4. Arts and Literature
    I had a request to make jumping LMB from Texas and the fellow was happy with it. I think it came out nice too!
  5. Trip Reports
    Never having caught a smallmouth bass, and dealing with bladder cancer, I figured it was time to check that off my lifelist. I found a what turned out to be a very nice quaint B&B in historic downtown Harper's Ferry. It also happened that the B&B owner also owns the local fly shop, and has a...
  6. Fly Tying
    This is my LMB version of the wiggler...It's about time for some warm water action... For those not familiar with the wiggler: this fly dives and wiggles, a bit like a rapala lure when fished with long strips on a sinking line...then it pops back to the surface ( if not hammered first!)
  7. Another King County LargeMouth

    This 20" largemouth bass took a crawdad fly. This is the third big bass for me in two outings this season! yeah!
1-7 of 7 Results