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  1. Lakes
    For anyone thinking about fishing Lake Lenore: The lake is in some sort of bloom and water clarity is (IMO) very poor for fishing. I'm guessing less than a foot visibility. I drove up to the north end of the lake this morning hoping that the "green" color (sort of light olive with hint of...
  2. General Forum
    I hear there’s Lahontans in it. Any experience?
  3. Trip Reports
    After yesterday's snow and wind, the sun came out and the wind stopped blowing. Cabin fever - I wanted to fish but had too many chores till later this afternoon. A hike along Lake Lenore was called for. I haven't fished this lake for two years and that was in June at Damsel Point. Rumor...
  4. General Forum
    We had a great day on the ford today. My buddy and I landed 13 and lost close to that many. We're camping at Rocky Ford and have Thurs and Friday here before we head over to Yak Fri night. Any recommendations on where to go? Talked to Darc at desert angle and he said that dry falls wasn't...
  5. Amy's Big Fish

    7lb (?) Lahontan Amy caught in Lake Lenore. This is her biggest fish she's ever caught (except maybe at King Lake).
1-11 of 11 Results