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  1. Anadromous
    Next weekend my wife and I will be in Vancouver, WA to babysit our grandson. Being so close to the Lewis I can't not brung the fly rod and try it. What are some flies I should be looking at bringing along?
  2. Anadromous
    I'm headed to the NFL Wed afternoon and all day Thursday. Still in pursuit of my 1st steelhead. If anyone is going to be in the area let me know, or feel free to pm me with any tips for the area. It will be my 1st time on the river. Would I be better off on the East fork?
  3. Upper North Fork Lewis Rainbow

    I hooked this guys in slow water and he proceeded to get caught up in some whitewater. A few minutes later, I got him to hand. He is a lot bigger than the average rainbow up there. Ben Payne Photo
1-4 of 4 Results