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  1. General Forum
    A question on lining up; is there a good way to know if your rod would benefit from this or not? I got an Orvis Clearwater 5wt rod kit to learn on, and after a couple of years the line is pretty rubbish (I tried cleaning etc) and I want to replace it. I am not even sure what is on there, I...
  2. Gear/Technique
    Hi looking for some line advice as I have been gifted a cheap Maxcatch V switch if anyone has heard of it in an 11ft #6 by a non fly fishing buddy who received it as a gift himself. I'm pretty new to two handers and my experience is with a 13'6 #8 Spey so I'm hoping I can call on some forum...
  3. General Forum
    Rod- SAGE 3110-4 PULSE Looking for: 1- Line set-up recommendations (Skagit and Scandi)- what lines have you tested and like on this rod? Rio recommends a 250-300 skagit and 240-270 gr. Scandi- these are the same set-ups listed for the Sage 3110 One. I think I want 2 set-ups, one for throwing...
  4. General Forum
    All - Got a great deal on a closeout Sage Circa 3 Weight (7'9"). Live in Colorado and will make this my go to rod for Rocky Mountain National Park and all creeks I may encounter. Was wondering if anyone has any line recs for this rod? I am leaning towards the Rio Light Line but would really love...
1-4 of 4 Results