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    I have two of these Rio switch 7/8 lines only used a couple of times. One has the original box and one does not but they are both in good shape. $45 each
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    Chartreuse and blue line Taper 25’, running 65’, 400 grains. Line has been lightly used. Great for 7wt or 8wt switch rod. $50 includes shipping to lower 48.
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    Used maybe 5 times total. $50 bucks includes shipping to lower 48. I Will sell this line spooled on and echo ion 8/10 reel for $90 includes shipping to lower 48
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    I have some lines that have been on the shelf for a while and are getting zero use. Some lines are brand new and some have been used very sparingly. The lines used sparingly were used one day on the river practicing casting. All prices are shipped and PayPal fees covered by me. NEW...
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    $30 Airflo Skagit 540gr $25 Airflo Skagit 600gr $25 Airflo Skagit 630gr $20 Beulah Elixer Scandi 36' 500gr $20 RIO 700 $20 RIO 625 $30 Airflo Delta 6/7 running line cut as head $25 Godshall Skandit 34' 461gr
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    These are the full lines @ 90 ft. (1) 8 weight @ 290 grains, 20 ft. head x 70 ft. running line Used for one day. $45 shipped (1) 8.5 weight @ 325 grains, 25 ft. head x 65 ft. running line BNIB, $65 shipped Buy both for $100 shipped Thanks for looking, Rod
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    Both built for a Meiser S2H11179CX-4 rod. Essentially a 11'1” 8 wt switch rod. 1 intermediate 26.6' head integrated line. Head 513 grains. Never used, I stuck with my separate head/shooting line setup. 1 floating head integrated line. Unsure of exact specs, but should be same grain weight...
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    Looking for 5 and 6wt lines. no sink tips. not too picky. let me know what you have.
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    Looking for a used 9 wt line or 2 at a reasonable price. Got any lying around? Thanks
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    Going threw my lines and found a few that I have No use for, as I Sold all my 6 weight Rods..... Honestly I do not remember the Names of the lines but I believe they were Rio, Orvis, and Cortland I do know they are 6 weights and 3 are sink tip lines , All lines are in Great condition with...
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    I have a Beulah Platinum 10'-4" Switch in excellent condition, little use. $350 3 lines; Elixir 355 grn 28' $25, Steve Godshall lines SGS Skagit 425grn 20'-9", SGS Scandi 375grn 26'-9" $30 each. Line are for this rod and are as new. I'm looking for a Sage xp 790-4 or possible a 7096-4. Tom B
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    thanks. .. good day in the northeast to get the gear ready Rio perception wff5 .. I used this line once last fall . But going with a 4 wt set up this yr ( friend built me a beautiful 4,wt ). 39.00 shipped no box Have gone with 7 and 9 wt rods Couple lines below 8ff someone can use --...
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    1- Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Expert Distance Fly Line wf7f mist green $45 value 1- RIO TROUT LT WF7F FLY LINE CAMO/BEIGE - $70 value 1- CORTLAND 444 10' SINK TIP ROCKET TAPER WF4F/S TYPE 3 EXTRA FAST -35YDS $35 value 1-...
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    all lines have only been used once . Rio coastal quick shooter inter 6wt. 35.00. Sold Airflo 40plus floater 6wt. 35.00 Airflo sixth sense inter 7/8 wt. ( fast inter ) 35.00 Wulff saltwater tt floater 7wt. 30.00 Or shoot me a offer ot trade
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    looking for a WF4F and WF6F lines both for a NRX? Maybe a Gpx or something similar. Thanks
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    I have a virtually new SA Mastery Redfish WF-9-F line that was used for about an hour.....on original spool and in box. I would like to trade for a Bass taper WF-7-F line in like condition. Heck, I’d trade for a brand new SA Headstart.
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    I am selling a smorgasbord of gear. First item is a Sage Response 790. Blemish free except for the cork soiling. Looking for $135. Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody, black, XL. Worn on only a couple occasions. I decided the XL is a bit oversized for me. Looking for $209. SA steelhead line WF7 ($20)...
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    thanks for looking. The last of my lines after moving LL Bean striper. Green 8wff. Used once like new 20.00. Was 79. Cortland lazer 444 wff8. Excellent cond. this line is grey but it is floating and the specs are right on the line. 20.00 3.89 covers shipping and PayPal...
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    Here are some assorted Never fished/ Never used Cortland Fly Lines Model #444, Purchased a dozen of these on another website and these are a few doubles I had. The lines work well and just need to be cleaned with the cleaner pad that is enclosed in each box before use. I just pinched the...
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    14' 9-10 along with Lamson Litespeed 4. Reel has new 30# backing and shooting line. I'll also include several skagit and scandi heads. Reel has 30# backing and a Varivas running line. Both rod and reel are like new. Lots of photos if youre interested. $400 or trade for a 5/6 premium...
1-20 of 111 Results