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  1. General Forum
    Seems it wasn't only Layla that got him on his knees...:cool: More here; http://www.icenews.is/2016/08/06/eric-clapton-lands-the-biggest-salmon-of-the-summer/#ixzz4GeS2Jx00
  2. Fly Tying
    The Little Gill Streamer is simply a variation of a well-established technique in tying hair bodied streamers. For this variation I use Superhair and target Bluegill Fry. I have the most success with this pattern on bass in open water. Particularly when there is a large channel between lily pad...
  3. Anadromous
    Hey all, I know how tight-lipped everyone tends to be about sharing spots online. I totally get it. I enjoy solitude on the river as well. Anyway, my wife and kids are out of town and I have a wide open weekend. I'm definitely going to fish, and I'm leaning toward casting practice for...
  4. Anadromous
    When do you pull out the big flashy ones? And the small more natural ones? Just curious, because I've heard many different takes on this.
  5. Lakes
    So, we hit up Leech Lake between 6/21-28 (some were there for only part of it - they had to work). The weather was weird (like the rest of our spring), we had hot, cold and mostly in between. Low night temp 38 to day temp of 78. Water temp was 56-58. No Ant falls while we were there, Dragon...
  6. DSC00423

    hooking a cutthroat
21-36 of 37 Results