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  1. Lakes
    After reading Adrian's thread on Lone Lake recently, I thought I'd give it a try on Thursday after not having fished it since before the summer kill of 2016. When I arrived it was nice and sunny as shown in the photo above, but it soon became really windy (white caps and windrows), heavily...
  2. Lakes
    I'm going there this weekend. First time. I'm taking a friend of mine who is new to fly fishing (I have two pontoon boats) and he just started with a fly fishing class (thanks Evergreen FF Club!). Anyways, I plan to troll some woolly buggers and maybe some leech patterns (rabbit zonker...
  3. Lakes
    I was finally able to break an afternoon away and decided to hit Lone Lake. After the fish die-off last year, I have wanted to see how the lake is recovering. I got on the lake around 1:00 in the afternoon right as the sun was breaking free from the clouds. No one else was on the lake. First...
  4. Lakes
    I fished Lone Lake today from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. All by my self not another soul on the lake. I netted 8 trout in the 12 inch range and missed the hook set on probably twice that many. I had a few LDR's to cap it off. Some of these trout were quite the leapers. Really a fun day. A...
  5. Lakes
    Went to lone lake on Monday it was while caps 40mph winds. So I turned around and went to pass caught 4 fish at pass windy there put fishable.
  6. Camping, Hiking, Cooking
    You have all seen this mountain, just about every SUV or truck ad has used it for a backdrop and dozens of westerns have been filmed in front of it since the invention of the movie camera. It is perhaps America's most scenic peak posed majestically in front and to the left of Mt Whitney. One of...
  7. Lakes
    It's been a couple of months since the fish kill. Thought you might like to see a report about the event, and why it happened. A friend, J Buron, wrote it. Lone will get more fish soon, but it will be a while before they grow up. Bottom line is that more carp need removal, because the kill...
  8. Lakes
    A buddy and I fished Lone Lake Saturday and Sunday - I mean really fished it, 6+ hours each day. Not a trout to be found, not even a small tug or bump on the line. We were all over the lake, fished every depth from 4' to 15', tried every type of fly we could think of, on every kind of retrieve...
  9. Lakes
    Well, a day spent fishing is a day well spent not working and I ended up going to Lone. It is not good, or at least wasn’t for me. Couple of other folks were off by noon, I persevered till ~3. Water was 62F early on and the last part I fished it was up to 65F. When I got there it was flat calm...
  10. Lone Lake Bass

    First fish of the morning at Lone Lake.
  11. 18' 'Bow

  12. Underwater

1-18 of 18 Results