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    For sale is a Brand new in Box Loop Opti Megaloop reel. The reel had never even been spooled with backing before due to cancelled trip. This is the reel to use for 600-720gr Skagit or Scandi heads for mega Chinook or Atlantic Salmon. I would have mentioned huge Skeena Steelhead previously...
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    The first item for sale is the Loop Evotec Cast which is a 11'0" #5 switch rod. It's basically brand new - as you'll see in the photos, the cork is pristine and there isn't any visible cosmetic wear on the blanks. (I purchased it in 2021 and it's only see the water twice so want to find it a...
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    Loop Evotec HD 9thirteen RHW, good condition with a few dings that are just enough for more peace of mind while fishing, not worrying about picking up the first ding. In-person and on the stream the reel looks great and only on close inspection in high resolution is this really visible. This...
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    8’8 3wt loop opti creek. Mint shape. Great dry fly rod. Asking 350 shipped. PayPal preferred!
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    Hello Fly Fishing community. I have a rare gem here up for sale. I'm the second owner of this reel and the only reason why I'm selling is because I have 2...With that said. I would give this reel a 8.9/10. It's in perfect shape cosmetically, HOWEVER this reel has a slight tic in the drag...
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    Looking for LOOP TRADITIONALS. Only reels from the brand LOOP made by Danielsson In Sweden has my interest.
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    - Echo Carbon XL 690-4, Solid Rod for the price, I’ve fished this rod a lot and has a lot of mojo. It’s a pretty fast action rod and I love how it fishes that Xtreme Indicator line. Condition 8.5/10 $80 Loop Multi 3/6, super slick reel and it is an absolute work hog. It has been beat up and...
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    Selling a lightly used LOOP S1 7wt Switch rod. Retail was originally close to $1110 when rod was released. $675 firm cash & Buyer pays shipping. More specs here
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    Sadly this is a rod I dont use very much. In excellent condition Loop cross S1 switch rod! With tube and sock. 11 feet 7 weight 5 pieces. Good luck! 600$ US shipped.
  10. Gear/Technique
    I wanted a good rod for winter steelhead and Columbia basin kings, so I jumped on the 12' 8wt Evotec. Just over $200 at Fishwest/Vail, they have a few left at this price! It showed up yesterday and it looks really nice. Anybody here used this rod? Rio suggested a grain window of 500-525 for...
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    For pictures see: https://yakima.craigslist.org/spo/d/for-sale-orvis-spey-rod-and/6511024871.html For sale Orvis Spey Rod and Loop Evotec Reel. Both are unused, Rod was only taken out of tube to photograph, has never been joined. Reel is cast/not fished, in pouch, it was mounted on various 8W...
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    Hoping to find one of these guys. I know the MKII was made in Korea, but I really like the ported look. Would take an MKIII for the right price though. Same with the Loop. I want something with a disc. If anyone has any of these they would like to part with, let me know. Thanks!
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    Loop Evotec LW 7/9 spooled with 9 wt Airflo Bonefish line. $250 shipped. You pay 3% PayPal fee if you don't send payment friends and family. Inquires PM or call/text 407.462.1492 - Chad
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    Having no luck selling it – so figured I’d see if someone was looking for a trade. Looking to trade my Loop Classic 7/9 for a LHW Hardy Perfect. In particular the LHW 4 inch Hardy Heritage Perfect w/ Lineguard- but open to models without line guard. Let me know what you have and PM me if...
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    I have for sale an echo 3 10ft 7 wt fished less than 5 times in great condition 225.00 shipped Loop multi 6/9 left hand retrieve has some rash and scratches but fully funtioning and features the well known sealed matrix drag. $150 shipped line not included. If you buy them together I will sell...
  16. Fly Tying
    Can anyone tell me what the true difference is between the two? They both seem completely the same and the dudes doing composite loops are not doing anything new in regards to spinning materials in a dubbing loop! So why the name change in that case?
  17. Gear/Technique
    Anyone use this rod to fish for kings using heavy tips? I notice one for sale and had been considering getting an Echo King for some time but this one looks like a great deal (Also notice a new one in a Fast Action on a close out rack that got me interested). Both are much less than the Echo...
  18. Fly Tying
    Daichi 2051 size 1.5 Rear loop: UV ice dub shell pink Amherst fibers orange Mid loop: UV red ice dub Copper angel hair Orange rhea Orange Amherst Mask loop: Arctic fox black Copper angel hair
  19. Fly Tying
    Rear: Shrimp pink or shell pink UV ice dub and Amherst fibers Mid: UV fire red ice dub Pink Rhea Purple Amherst Fuschia flashabou Front: Lavender arctic fox Black arctic fox
1-20 of 60 Results