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  1. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Hey guys! I can be sure I have never lost my pants before, so this is a first! I apparently lost my fairly new Simms G3 waders in a REI mesh bag on the 4th of July. This might be a shot in the dark, but with this great community, I was hoping someone might have picked them up. I was on the...
  2. General Forum
    Hi all, I forgot my fly fishing vest on Saturday, April 20th, at Pass Lake at about 5:30 pm. I believe it was draped over a rock in the parking lot. If anybody has any information on it’s where abouts so I can get it back it would be much appreciated! I believe it’s a Columbia vest and it has a...
  3. Classifieds
    Salt Water Tropic Blue F/S 9 weight. Used 2x. Excellent condition. 105 feet. Mono tip is 12 feet. $ 35.00
  4. Fly Tying
    Officially lost control today, thanks to Bill Keough
  5. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Lost 1/17/18 in upper Kalama River, above Holy Water--SA UST 3D head lost due to running line loop failure. Slim chance of recovery as head is a sinker and dark colored, but sometimes miracles happen.
  6. Classifieds
    RW SWTB 9 F/S (Salt Water Tropic Blue) Lost Tip 30 Foot Taper. Used Once. Excellent condition. In the box. $ 45.00 Built to withstand the wilting heat of tropical flats and blistering decks, this line will continue to cast like a rocket when the others have folded up. That's because we build...
  7. General Forum
    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3889068/Five-million-year-old-extinct-super-salmon-9-FEET-long-mouth-spiked-teeth.html. Big fish ! Have always been fascinated by creatures that were lost in history or were simply a rung in the ladder of evolution-especially in this time with...
  8. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Yesterday (12.2.17) I lost the tip for my 11' 6wt BIITH (serial #193829). I was the fishing at Boggan's Oasis on the Ronde at the very end of the day. From what I can tell It got caught as I walked through the trees to get back to the car.
  9. Lost, Found, Stolen
    LOST, Hardy 4 1/4 inch fly reel, think in the area pull out Scott River on Hwy 96 on Klamath River or along hwy 96 above Scott River bridge. PM me i can identify line love to have it back it was a gift from father.
  10. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Lost my shuttle key for my 4 runner at the top parking lot at high bridge (big eddy) on the sky. Let me know if anybody finds it! It’s a single gray Toyota key!
  11. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Lost a small plastic fly box at Lk Lenise, I think walking out?
  12. Lost, Found, Stolen
    A while back I lost my Intex explorer 200, this is the sort of high quality river floating machine that might be purchased at Fred Meyer for around $14 and comes with a two piece paddle that sometimes if threaded as intended, actually becomes one. You can see this location for what it is, a side...
  13. General Forum
    Afternoon, I have been in MT for the last several days and on Saturday, Sept 30th I lost my net on the bank of Rock Creek, MT. It is a purple and grey rising net with "Trout Slayer" engraved on the handle. I was fishing down from the first bridge crossing. If you happen to find it or know who...
  14. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Lost at south side park at upstream side of Chief Joseph Dam Rufus Woods Lake 9-22-17 Simms gunmetal gray fly vest -
  15. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Noticed someone selling a Fly Rod and Fly reel that was found in the Logan Utah area...Anyone loose one off a boat or leave it on a shore..... Contact me I have Information on it Mike Sr
  16. Lost, Found, Stolen
    I lost a stream Moby rod with Lamson guru 2 v2 reel driving down highway 10 between green bridge and Bristol. Fell out of the rod holders in the boat! If any body finds this rod please let me know! The reward will be a free float trip down the river!
  17. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Lost on the beach north of the Southworth ferry dock. Fly box with Clousers, poppers, etc.
  18. General Forum
    sometimes i write a bit about the memorable...when it comes to fishing we all have little stories we could tell... Lost Lake Little remembrances and experiences can define place and as they play out they define time, like this little lake I used to fish long ago. Those small places...
  19. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Lost a black eyeglass case w/ my prescription specs. I think. Smith. Tortoise shell coloration to the frames. August 12th, small trib to the Middle Fork Nooksack. My truck may have swallowed them, but I think it may have fallen out at the pullout. Long shot, but you never know. Thanks,
1-19 of 60 Results