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  1. General Forum
    I took a little trip up to Omak to see an ole friend, buy a new pistol in 9mm and to fish Omak lake. It was 1330 hrs when I got to beer can and the lake was like glass. As I was rigging up I could see some fish rising out in deep water, then I saw what I had come for, fish working close to the...
  2. General Forum
    I might have a wee bit of fishy water around me. My house is almost dead center, overlooking everything... Edit: Not overlooking everything, just the Columbia and Crescent. I can't actually see Banks, just the dam...
  3. Conservation
    https://townhall.com/tipsheet/cortneyobrien/2017/12/16/heres-how-many-people-have-left-the-epa-since-scott-pruitt-took-over-n2423067 Ah yes, back to the Ray Gun days. Trickle Down and trash the planet; what more could the GOP want.
  4. Classifieds
    Would REALLY like to add another HArdy Zenith or Zephrus to the quiver. But would consider others. Have a 10ft 3 wt Zenith and absolutely love it. But want something with more of a backbone for larger fish and throwing long dries.
  5. General Forum
    A couple of days ago I wanted to beat the heat by spending the day on a little river catching dinks and exploring farther than I had been before. After 5 miles of hiking I was on the water by 0930 and back to what I love the most...walking the river and fly fishing. I've put about 8 full days on...
  6. Watercraft
    Can't say enough about how impressed I am with Willie as a company and a builder. So impressed. They got every detail and all my requests just right.
  7. General Forum
    Hopefully @troutpocket and I have this kind of luck Sunday:)
  8. General Forum
    In case anyone is interested: King County, the King County Flood Control District and the Cedar River Council co-host the sixth-annual "I Love the Cedar River" community meeting and open house, Nov. 16, when interested residents can learn about flood protection, restoration and river...
  9. General Forum
    Oh, my, god. Becky look at her gut. It is so BIG! She looks like one of those rap guy's fishfriends. But you know, who understands those rap guys? They only talk to her because she looks like a total fat piggy. I mean, her gut is just SO big. I can't believe it's just so round, it's like out...
1-11 of 11 Results