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  1. Trip Reports
    Floated the Wallow/Grande Ronde (Minam to Wild Cat) and Lower Salmon River (Whitebird to Heller Bar) last week 115 miles floated in 7 days on the water total. The Wallowa/GR trip was for a trip I donated to a fundraiser auction. Many smallmouth caught on the lower Salmon. We also caught a 12...
  2. General Forum
    From the water access site map, it appears that there are a few places on the very lower part of the Skagit. "North fork" and "Diking district #22" look interesting from the satellite photos. Would it be possible to catch SRC by wading in these type of areas? This type of fishing is all new to...
  3. Trip Reports
    Went out Tuesday after class and then got an email while I was driving out from my teacher saying that my Wednesday class was canceled as well (thank you fish gods), got the last campsite at Mecca and fished Tuesday evening and then Wednesday morning until about 9 and then Wednesday evening...
  4. General Forum
    If one wanted to putt up and down the lower Skagit (Conway area for example) in a little 12ft boat, how much motor would you need. 1-2 guys, not looking to go fast, just don't want to get stuck anywhere.
  5. General Forum
    Going to Salt Lake City, UT in mid June for son's freshman orientation to become a Ute. Have a couple of days to fish the waters near SLC so looking for a guide.... Did some research and found the nearest river - Provo River might be the best choice for trout ? Middle or Lower Provo is...
  6. Gear/Technique
    Does anyone know where I can purchase these? I love the ball and the solid metal connector. I can not find them on-line. Lots of similar ones, but I want the exact CND style for my new rod. If your gonna build it, it might as well be what you want. Go Sox, cds
  7. Conservation
    https://www.facebook.com/notes/congresswoman-cathy-mcmorris-rodgers/our-dams-support-us-its-time-to-support-them/10155521795734922 Trumps pick for Secretary of the Interior. Try not to lose it.
  8. Conservation
    Spent the week end with this guy, very enlightening
  9. General Forum
    http://www.oregonlive.com/sports/oregonian/bill_monroe/index.ssf/2016/08/deschutes_steelhead_give_way_t.html This is cause for concern. Bass invading the lower Deschutes is not good. Evidently the water temps have risen to a point where smallmouth (and at least one LMB) have felt very...
  10. General Forum
    I am going to be in Chelan this weekend and I am hoping to get away to fish the Methow around Burma road. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  11. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Did ya lose something at the launch? Perhaps a guide company left something here on Saturday afternoon? If ya did let me know what it was
  12. General Forum
    Me and my girlfriend are looking into floats in the Oregon area in mid to late August. We've floated the Deschutes from Warm Springs to Maupin, but I'm interested in trying the lowest section from Buckhollow to the mouth. My main question is will there be good opportunities for both steelhead...
  13. Warm Water Species
    Looks like I may need to run to Kennewick tomorrow for some family business in the afternoon and may have most of the morning to fish. Not knowing a thing about bass fishing or the lower Yakima, I see the flows are 1350. Is that enough water to launch and run upstream a ways in a small jet boat...
1-16 of 16 Results