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  1. Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels
    Found this video on my local forum today in the RIP thread for Roberto Pragliola, some may have seen it? Some not? I found it a highly interesting short film! Cheers Adam
  2. Classifieds
    Full head to toe Realtree 5 camo set up. As follows: Cabelas SuperMag 1600 neoprene waders in Realtree 5 size 12 stout, comes with hanging shell holder. Cabelas Dri-Fowl II Extreme 4 in 1 coat. This is a waterproof hooded shell with a zip in Thinsulate coat. Zip-in coat is a stand-alone...
  3. General Forum
    Hey old man from Montana, I have seen you tell people numerous times to explore the "blue lines". I was in Purdy yesterday during the eheat wave with no jobs, so I looked up blue lines in mason and Kitsap counties snd found a few open to fishing. It drained to salt, so I tried it. Lots of...
  4. Warm Water Species
    I have had limited success on my favorite carp waters the past month or so. From where I park, the hike to the lake is a quarter mile or so. Nine times out of ten I wade north from the lakeside starting point. Habit, I guess. Usually I find fish but after the last four outings and only one...
  5. Classifieds
    2 person pontoon can be set up for 1 person as well.Brass adjustable oar locks 3 piece oars casting platform with lean bar and stripping basket mesh bags for anchor rope and under seat storage.Also has 2 big matching waterproof tackle storage bags.Platform on back for storage and mount for...
  6. General Forum
    Beginning my old man aches and pains after 57 years of fly fishing. I need a recommendation on how to prevent pain in my thumb. Last year was my first year of chasing Tiger Musky and was casting all day with big stuff. It was killer on my thumb. Is there, are there anything of a support or...
  7. General Forum
    (EDIT: Scroll down for Days 1-5) In case you missed it, @Old Man was whining on another thread about the dearth of actual fishing talk lately and wondering if WFF was a fashion site or a fishing site. http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/forum/threads/i-thought-that-this.122822/ So, I committed...
  8. Classifieds
    for sale is an MSR Holler tent, 3 man tent, used 6 nights. just not a fit for my family. $100. cash pickup in Seattle. two of the Velcro deals that hold the fly to the pole are not working, other than that, mint. https://activegearreview.com/camping-gear-reviews/tents/msr-holler-3review/
1-9 of 10 Results